Things turning 10 in 2019

5 Movies That Are Turning 10 In 2019

Here's some things that'll be 10 years old in 2019

Ah, 2009. A simpler time. From music to movies to social media to news, so much happened in 2009 that will be celebrating its tenth birthday this upcoming year. Here are a few of my favorite movies turning ten years old in 2019:

1. The Proposal

For all you fans of "The Lady from BirdBox" (Ahem her name is Sandra Bullock), THIS IS A SANDRA BULLOCK MOVIE! Before she was staring in the ridiculously popular Netflix original movie, she was flirting with Ryan Reynolds on screen in a movie about a fake proposal between two people that do not really like each other. Aside from being one of my favorite movies of all time, the movie brought in around $318 million in the box office when after its release on June 19, 2009.

2. The First Star Trek Reboot Movie

The massively popular TV show which sparked the age old debate of Star Wars vs. Star Trek was rebooted into some pretty great movies starting in 2009. With amazing actors such as Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, need I go on? The movie was directed by the legendary J.J. Abrams and brought in $386 million dollars after its release on May 8, 2009.

3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop

I honestly could not tell you what this movie is actually about; I just remember a mall cop and a Segway. BUT, Kevin James quickly turned into a meme after the release and odd success of this movie. Staring along side Adam Sandler and Berry Bernardi, the movie brought in around $184 million dollars after its release on January 16, 2009.

4. Up

That's right. Up came out in 2009! Feel old? I know I do. Not only did this masterpiece get FIVE academy award nominations (including Best Picture), but it was also nominated for countless other awards. It won two of the five academy awards and got a Golden Tomato on Rotten Tomatoes for being the highest rated movie of 2009. The heartwarming tale of a lonely man across the world brought in close to $735 after it was released on May 29, 2009. This film continues to be a fan favorite even ten years later.

5. Avatar

That's right. This movie came out in 2009 also. The James Cameron film was released on December 18, 2009 and brought in almost $3 billion (yes BILLION). This film also featured the amazing and talented Zoe Saldana alongside many other amazing actors such as Sam Worthington and Stephen Lang. This incredible and visually stunning movie was nominated for nine academy awards and won three. Most of the cast will be returning for the second and third Avatar movies, expected to come out in 2020 and 2021.

BONUS ROUND! Some of the best songs came out in 2009. The billboard top 100 from 2009 included hits such as "How Do You Sleep" by Jesse McCartney ft. Ludacris (#86), "Replay" by Iyaz (#83), "She-Wolf" by Shakira (#64), "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West, now Ye, (#44), "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3 (#30), "Kiss Me Through the Phone" by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em ft. Sammie (#19), "Single Ladies" by Beyonce (#8), and "Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas at #1!

As you can see, 2009 was a year of glorious movies and incredible bops. All we can do now is hope 2019 has the same quality music and film in store for us. Happy 2019 everyone!

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