Sunday morning
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Fiction: Sunday Morning

Have you ever woken up by the calming rays of sunlight to a perfect Sunday morning?


The warm light shined through the thin, white curtains to gently wake me from my slumber. My body was instantly warmed, and I felt safe. It was like I was a small child again, being held by my mother.

The morning light brought more than just warmth. It brought hope. The hope of a new day. Life didn't feel like something that had to be dealt with. It felt like a promise. Life didn't feel like a countdown clock. It felt like a precious moment to experience and to treasure. It was an indescribable moment of serenity. It was one of those things that could not be understood by words, but by experience.

My body, trapped between the sweet morning sunshine and the heavenly comfort of my foam bed, didn't want to move, however my brain yearned for movement. It yearned for life. Little by little, I pushed through my drowsy state and managed to get my tired limbs off the bed. With my feet that felt so light and my brain that felt so free, I made my way to the washroom.

I moved my arm slowly up to the sink knob and a rush of soothing sounds made its way to my ears.


As if I was in a hypnotic state, I held my hand directly under the faucet, feeling the cool stream in between my fingers. The sensational feeling held me in a trance. I just stood in awe. I just looked and felt the water falling through my fingertips. I remained in that frozen state for a few minutes, then quickly snapped out of it.

I quickly tied my hair up in a messy and lazy ponytail and ran my fingers over my cheeks. They felt soft. I splashed the cool water all over my face. Carelessly getting strands of hair wet.

I made my way into the kitchen. The same light that woke me up now shined through the window, filling every surface with gleam and happiness. The steel surface from the oven reflected the light's bubbly persona. I made my way to the counter and reached for the coffee maker.


The pot quickly became heavy. With a click, the pot sat snugly into place. With a pop the container opened. The smell of instant coffee powder filled the air, somewhat choking my nostrils. I scooped a helping full and shook it into the thin, white paper filter. I laughed, flashing back to when I was small, making dresses for my barbies using the coffee filters.

The warm presence and soothing sound of steam filled the kitchen. It was so serene. Out of nowhere, slender arms hugged my waist, ever so softly. A gentle head laid upon my shoulders, snuggling her face against my neck. My whole back was warmed by her body that had bathed in the sunlight. Her breath was silent, yet held a strong presence.

With a soft voice, she mumbled in her sleepy state: "Morning."

I wondered to myself, 'How couldsuch a small thing hold so much love and happiness?'

This morning was sincerely just wonderful. That's the only way to describe it. It was everything you imagine happiness would be like. Beautiful. Peaceful. A heaven that could bring you to tears. I've never felt so… happy.

Then, I woke up to a blaring sound of an alarm clock.

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