Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 12
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 12

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 12

Shamara’s POV

I woke up with an intense headache. I looked around the room I was in and remembered what happened. Damn. Where is Dawn?

I was in 10 x 10 square room with no windows and only one door. I shifted to where I was seating up and saw that they chained my ankle to the floor. My wrists were red where the handcuffs were and still too sensitive to touch.

I looked around again and saw a camera in the left corner. Well it looks like I’m not leaving anytime soon.

I heard a lock shift outside and waited to see who came in. And of course, it is the butthole himself.

“Ah. She has arisen. Welcome to my humble home. Now. I have some rules to address before we go upstairs for dinner. Rule #1: You are not to talk to anyone unless spoken to. Rule #2: Follow all my instructions exactly. Rule #3: Do not try to run away. Rule #4: My Beta or I must be with you at all times unless it is my father or you are in our room. If any of these rules are broken, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

I didn’t dare speak up. It would only encourage him. I felt a heated pain on my cheek.

“I said, do you understand. And I would like you to say ‘yes, sir’ or if you want to spice things up ‘yes, master’.”

I glared at him and mumbled, “yes, sir.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard now was it. On your feet.”

I stood up as he pulled something out of his back pocket.

Oh, Hell no.

He pulled out a black leather collar with a lease to match it. It even had a tag.

“I’m not a dog.” I said while backing up as far as I can.

“No but you are my pet. Now don’t move or will get punished again.” He chuckled.

I moved to the other side of the room but was restricted because of the chain.

He shook his head at me and grabbed the other end of the chain and yanked it. I fell onto my back with a groan.

“You broke two rules already and we haven’t even got out of the room yet. Maybe I need to give you a preview of what happens if it continues.” That being said, he pulled me closer and kicked me in the stomach. I groaned in pain and started pushing myself up. Before I even got to my knees, he kicked me again. I heard a crack and knew he at least broken a rib. I just prayed that Dawn wasn’t going through the same thing. He turned me over where he straddled my hips.

“Get off of me you jackass.” I wheezed out.

“Still have a smart mouth, do we? I will deal with that later but first…” He started putting the collar on me until I pushed against him before he could touch me. He grabbed my wrists and held them above my head with one hand. He stared at me with anger and pushed harder where it felt like they were going to break.

“If you don’t start behaving, I will go find that friend of yours and beat her until she draws her last breath. How does that sound? The boys here would love to have their way with her.”

“Don’t you dare touch her.” I growled.

“Well, is it going to be you or her?” He smirked.

“Fine. What do I need to do to keep her safe?” I sighed in defeat.

“Follow the rules and it will keep her safe. For now.”

I nodded and let him put the collar on me. I felt it burn my skin like the hand cuffs did. I started to scream but held it back. It came out as a whimper. I glared at Salem with hatred and pain.

“Oh, forgot to tell you that your collar can’t come off without a key and I had silver put in it. Just as a reminder.” He laughed as he got up. “Let’s go. We are already late.”

I got up and winced when the collar shifted.

I followed him down the hall and up the stairs.

“Another thing. You cannot look anyone in the eyes. Keep your head down unless you are told different. This is going to be fun.”

We stopped at a large glass door that was an entrance to a dining hall. Everyone looked up as we walked in. It seemed like most of the pack was male with only a few females. I looked around the room to see if I could see Dawn but was then pulled forward to the other end of the room.

Salem sat down next to an older man that must have been his father. His father scanned my features and a look of lust was produced when he smiled at me. Salem tugged at the leash to get my attention. “Kneel.” He demanded and pointed to a spot to the right of him. I hesitated and was tugged forward again. “I said kneel.” I glared at him and went to the spot he pointed at. His father was still looking at me and the smile he gave me was giving me shivers.

“So, this is she. She is a lovely catch, Salem. Are you willing to share?” Alright I am done with this old geezer.

“Actually, I want to keep her for myself. If you don’t mind.” Salem said while petting my hair.

“I am not something to ‘keep’.” I muttered softly. Pain went through my scalp as Salem stared at me.

“Did you say something, princess?” I shook my head. “I want to hear it, Shamara.”

I glared at him again. I am doing that way too much lately. “No, …sir.” I spit out.

“Good.” He said before he let go and turned to his father. “Sorry. She is still learning.”

“She has a fire in her eyes. I like it. She will be a perfect bride for you.” The old man turned back to her and said, “My name is Valentine Crowe. I am the Alpha of the Rogue Pack. Salem will take over soon and has his chosen so will you? Now as the Luna you have roles and duties. The safety of the Alpha is the first priority. You will be training to help protect him and will learn how to rules beside him when he becomes Alpha. After your training is over, you are to marry my son. Your training will start tomorrow. Are there any questions?”

I stayed quiet until my collar was pulled until it was choking me. I couldn’t breathe for what felt like minutes and was getting dark spots in my vision. I was gasping for air when he finally let go.

“I believe he asked you a question. Do you have any questions?” Salem growled.

“No,” I said huskily.

“No, what?” Salem pushed.

“No, sir.” I whispered while looking at the ground.

This is going to be hard.


Matt’s POV

“Where could they be?” Matt yelled while throwing a table at the wall. We were in my office after searching for hours. Chloe was taken to see Doc when we found her. She didn’t see much besides Salem taking off with them. Emily, Shamara’s mom, was very calm when we told her what happened. And that was the scary part.

We looked everywhere and it seemed like their scent just vanished. It was getting frustrating and it has only been two days.

Nick was looking at the map and was calling the neighboring packs to see if they have seen anything. So far there hasn’t been any information that would help us. They all agreed that the number of Rogues have been increasing. If only I could think.

There was a knock on the door and Chloe came in with a worried face.

“Anything?” She asked with a tearful look. She blamed herself.

“No but we will. I know it.” She nodded and went to seat by Nick.

Shamara, I will find you. I promise.
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