Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch.15 & 16
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch.15 & 16

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch.15 & 16

Ch.15: The Whitewater Pack

Dawn’s POV

I groaned when a bright light hit my face.

“I think she is awake” A masculine voice whispered.

“What gave you that idea?” Another male said sarcastically.

I chuckled as I rolled over to my side. My back sent shots of pain as I moved.


“Woah. Take it slow. You were pretty hurt when we brought you in.” I opened my eyes to see two guys standing above me. The one on the left was about 6’4’’ with black hair and brown eyes. The other one was about the same height with blondish hair and green eyes. They reminded me of someone.

“Oh, I didn’t notice wiseass.” I stated hoarsely.

“I like her. She’s funny.” The brown eyed said.

“Where am I?” I asked them as I sat up with green eyes help. I felt tingles spread through where he touched me. I gasped and he look at me in shock.

“The better question is what happened to you.” Brown eyes said with worry.

“I’ll answer your question if you answer mine.” “Deal. My name is Don Stephenson. I’m the Beta.” Brown eyes said with a bow.

Green eyes sat beside me and held my hand. The tingles started to spread again. I knew what it meant but couldn’t believe it.

“My name is Jace Williamson. I’m the Alpha of the Whitewater Pack.”

Don looked between us with a weird face.

What did he say… “Did you say Williamson?” “Yeah? What about it?” Jace said with a confused look.

I struggled to stand up and looked between them. “You need to call the Clearwater pack. Now!” Jace pushed me back into the bed and held out a phone. “Calm down. Here call them and tell them what happened.” I sighed in relief and dialed Matt’s number.

It rung a couple of times before someone answered.



“Dawn? Where are you? Is Shamara there with you? Are ya’ll ok?” He asked quickly.

“I’m at the Whitewater pack and no she is still with Salem. You need to hurry and get your ass over here. Shamara is in real trouble.”

“Is the Alpha nearby? I have to get permission before I cross over.”

I looked at Jace since I knew he can hear the conversation. He nodded and whispered to Don.

Don left the room a couple of seconds later.

“He said that you have permission. But Matt when we get her…It’s not going to be pretty.” I said with tears running down. Jace wiped them away while he waited patiently for me to end the call.

“What do you mean? What happened in there?”

“They are forcing her to marry him and training her to be Salem’s Luna. They…They whipped me to get her cooperation. Her werewolf is coming out so I think she can survive most of the things they are going to do. But, Matt. She isn’t going to make it if they are treating her the way they are. The older guy that is Alpha right now is the one that is doing all this.”

The other line went quiet. “Matt?”

“I’ll be there within an hour.” He cut off.

I turned to Jace and saw his face red in anger.

“Did they do anything else to you?”

“No. They just kept me in a bedroom most of the time.”

“Who is this Shamara to you?”

I smiled. “She is my best friend. I have a question for you. Where are your parents?”

“I don’t know. I was adopted when I turned six. I found out that my real last name was Williamson so I changed it. I remember seeing them but can’t seem to remember what they look like. I also remember a small baby. But other than that, nothing.”

I smiled brighter at him. “What is it?” He asked with a confused look.

“The girl that I was with is Shamara Williamson. Her parents just moved to Clearwater a couple of months ago.” He gasped. Shamara, I just found your family.


“War is the only way to get what you want.” ~Salem

Matt’s POV

It is taking everything in me not to go straight to their hide out. I can’t believe they would do this to her. My fists tighten on the wheel at the thought of it. We will be at the Whitewater Pack in ten minutes but it’s not soon enough.

“Do you know who the Alpha is or did you forget to ask?”

I stayed quiet at that comment. I know he is trying to cheer me up but I can’t think of anything besides Shamara.

“We are here. How should we play this?”

I jumped out of the car when we came to a stop. Nick followed behind me and our other car parked next to us. Shamara’s parents stepped out with Chloe. I tried to stop them from coming but they gave a good argument. We met in the middle and headed to the front door of a two-story house. It wasn’t as big as ours but it worked. I knocked on the door and waited until a guy about twenty years old answered. He had black hair and brown eyes and was about my height. He smiled at is and let us in.

“You must be Matt, Alpha of the Nightshade Pack. I’m Don Stephenson, the Beta of this fine Whitewater Pack. I’ll take you up to where our Alpha and Dawn is.”

We walked up the stairs and took a left to what looked like an infirmary. I saw Dawn smiling and talking to a guy in his early twenties. He had blondish looking hair and was also smiling. Don knocked on the door and entered.

“Jace, our guests have arrived. So, you can stop flirting.” Jace scowled at him and turning toward us. I heard a squeal behind me and someone running in. Chloe jumped onto the bed and gave Dawn a bear hug. Dawn hugged her back with tears in her eyes.

“Are you ok? I’ve missed you so much. And I haven’t seen you smile like that in years. Is he your mate...” Chloe kept coming with questions. That broke the anger that was running in me. I laughed at the two and approached what I assume was the Alpha. I shook his and thank him for finding Dawn.

“It was no problem. She almost gave Don a heart attack when she entered the territory. My name is Jace and I am the Alpha of the Whitewater Pack. You are welcomed anytime.” He looked behind me and smiled at the rest of the group. “All of you are welcome.”

“Come. I’ll introduce you to everyone. This is my Beta, Nick Taylor. His mate is the girl that just ran to Dawn, Chloe Danielle Owens. But she goes by Chloe. The two couple is Shamara’s parents. Emily is our pack doctor and her mate is Shawn.”

“It’s nice to meet you all. My name is Michael Jace Williamson. I am hoping to get to know you all while you are here.”

I was shocked when I heard his last name. Shamara never spoke of a brother or anything. I looked at Emily and Shawn. They were as shocked as I was. Emily came running toward us and gave Jace a tearful huge.

“We…we thought we lost you forever.” She was saying as she cried. Shawn came up and hugged them both. “You have grown into a fine man, son. We were devastated when you came up missing that day. Shamara was only three and looked up to you. Now, we can be the family that we were. I am so happy. But first, we have to get your sister back before anything else happens.” Shawn said with a grieved expression. Jace looked at me and nodded. I nodded back and went to make the call. It was time to go to war.

Shamara’s POV

It has been two days since that day. I made sure I made no mistakes and worked harder than what was expected. My training was completed yesterday and now I was being tested. I was against five warriors and had to beat them then beat Valentine. I had four men down in two minutes and was working on the last. He fought well but wasn’t fast enough to dodge my fist to his face. I wasn’t even breathing hard and I knew that it was almost time. Valentine smiled at me for approval. He spoke low to Salem and walked to me.

“Are you ready?” I nodded and got into a fighting position. I concentrated on his moves as he took on the offense. I blocked every one of his hits. He took a step back and observed me. “You have gotten stronger, little one. I wonder what your limits are.” He was behind me in a second and knew he was only teasing me before but I was prepared. He grabbed a hold of my neck and pulled my arm back. “You will be a great queen for my son.” He whispered in my ear. I slammed my head back to nose and his hold loosened. I pulled free and turned around to see Valentine with a bloody nose. I smiled at the sight. “You will pay for that.” He growled. He came at me and I slammed my foot into his chest. He fell to the ground and jumped back up to find me with a fist ready. I punched him until he was semi-conscious and pushed him over. Salem handed me a set of silver bracelets and I cuffed him. When I stood up, Salem handed me a phone and left to deal with Valentine. As I was dialing, I was thinking of what happened two days ago.


Shamara’s POV

Two days ago, …

I was crying from what Valentine just did to me. I heard the door open and stiffened. I thought Valentine came back but was surprise when Salem came in. He closed the door and look at the scene. I was still on the bed covered in blood. He looked angry and came toward me. I whimpered when he touched me but it was gentle and soothing.

“What happened? Tell me what he did.” He said softly. I shook my head and cried more. “It’s ok. He won’t find out you talked. In fact, I have a plan to get you out of here.” I looked at in confusion. He sighed and explained that he never wanted to take me. He father forced him to do all the things so he could protect his sister. I listened to his story of how Valentine killed their mother and was going to do the same to his sister until he compromised. It made me see him in another way and I felt sorry for him. I told him all the things that he did to me since I was forced into this room. He was raging mad and before he left he told me what to do when the time came. I agreed and waited for the fight that would change everything.


Present time …

The phone rang until a masculine voice answered. It wasn’t Matt so it had to be Nick.

“Hello? Anyone there?”

“Nick. I need Matt on the phone, please.”

“Shamara?! Are you ok? Where are you?”

“Nick. Get Matt now. It is urgent.”

“Ok. Ok. Hold on.”

The line went silent until Matt came on.

“Shamara, where are you? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. I need your help. Well technically Salem needs your help. Meet us at the property line in an hour. And have you heard from Dawn?” I said coldly.

“Are you sure you’re ok? What is going on? And we are at the Whitewater Pack. Dawn was found on their property.”

“That is great. And everything will be explained later. Just meet us at the border line. Don’t bring my parents.” I hung up and walked up to Salem that came back a couple of minutes ago.

“Will he meet us?” I nodded and followed him inside. “We can do this. We just need some assistance. This place has been my home but the people inside has never been family to me. They are as bad as Valentine. But thanks to you, we can change that.”

“I’m glad I can do something but don’t think that I have forgiven you.”

“I know. I hope you will forgive at some time.”

“You never know.”


Matt’s POV

I looked at the phone in confusion and turned to everyone.

“Is she ok, Matt. What’s going on?” Emily asked in concern.

“She asked me to come meet her at the border. She said she will explain everything there.”

“Do you think it might be a trap and they are forcing her?” Jace asked while walking up to me.

“No. I don’t think so. But she sounded so cold until I spoke of Dawn.”

“I’ll go with you.” Jace stated.

“I can’t get you involved with this if it is a trap.”

“Matt, I didn’t ask for permission. I am going. She is my sister after all.”

I nodded and turned to the rest. They nodded in agreement. They were going as well. I turned to Shamara’s parents and sighed.

“She did tell me something else. Emily, Shawn. You can’t go.” They started to argue but I stopped them. “She asked me to not bring ya’ll. We will tell you when we get back. And with your daughter.” I turned to Jace. “Let’s load up.”

Within minutes we were at the meeting site. I walked up until I was near the invisible line. I looked around and didn’t see anyone around.

“Are you sure we are at the right place?” Nick asked. Before I could respond, a cold feminine voice spoke behind us. “You’re in the right place.”

I turned around and gasped at the sight in front of me. It took everything in me to stay where I was. She looked taller and had more muscle build. She was skinner than the last time I saw her. She had a few scars on her but it looked like it would disappear in a day or so.

“What happened to you?” I asked in wonder and confusion.

“A lot. But that is not why we are here.” She was still acting cold towards me. What did they do to her?

“I need your help.” Salem started. “No.” I demanded in anger. “Matt listen to him, please.” Shamara pleaded. “I said no. He kidnapped you and who knows what else.” I said back.

She had a determined look and the next thing I knew I was on the ground with Shamara holding me down.

“You will listen if you know what is best for you.” I tried getting up but she was somehow stronger than me. I looked at her and noticed tears running down her cheeks.

I nodded and she let me go to go back to Salem. It broke my heart to see her that way and going to another man.

“What I was saying was that I need your help. The Rogue Pack is corrupted. If they are set loose, they will try to conquer every single pack out there and then go after the humans. Valentine has made sure that we were the strongest out there. If they find out he was captured, they will go after anyone that they set eyes on. We had to imprison him or he would have hurt someone else.”

“Who is Valentine? I have never heard of him.” I questioned.

“He is Salem’s father. He is the person that sent Salem to capture me and…well you don’t need the specifics right now. Anyways. In order to keep everyone safe from the Rogues, we must eliminate them. They are too dangerous to send to other packs. This is the only time to take action. I took out Valentine so Salem’s plan could go into effect. Will you help us?” Shamara explained.

“How can we trust you Salem?”

“His father killed his mother and forced Salem to do all those things to protect his sister. We know where she is hidden and that is what I’m going to do while everyone is at the pack house.”

“You can’t go alone, Shamara. It is too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry. I can handle myself.” She smiled at me. That sent relief through me knowing that my Shamara was still there.

“I’m going tonight to get his sister to safety and will meet you here tomorrow to start the attack.”

“I’ll go with her.” Jace volunteered.

“And who the hell are you?” Shamara asked with her ‘I don’t think so’ look. I chuckled and got scowled.

“My name is Jace. I am the Alpha of the Whitewater Pack.” She squinted at him. “Well, Jace, I don’t know you. And I can handle it myself.”

I put a hand on Jace’s shoulder to stop him. “Shamara, take him please. If he gets in your way, you can always kick his can.” I chuckled out. Jace glared at me.

“Fine. But I will kick your ass if you get in my way.” Everyone laughed.

“Shut up, guys. Salem, you need to get back before anyone suspects anything. Jace. Let’s go. We have a long walk ahead of us.” At that, we all went our separate ways. Be careful, Shamara.

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