It's late. You switch off the lights in the kitchen only to run up the stairs as if something is chasing you, lurking in the shadows of your very own house. Somehow, after jumping in your velvet plush throw and curling up under the covers, you feel safe from the monsters outside, safe from the ghosts in the room next door.

But are you safe from the monsters in your head?

A few months ago, I had a stream of terrifying dreams that seemed to appear from nowhere. There was nothing personal that seemed to trigger those subconscious thoughts; it was as if the Devil had speared me with his poison-ladened tail and injected me a glimpse of Hell. Fortunately for you, I had to experience these nightmares so you didn't have to. Now, hang on tight and enjoy your time while you still can….

Welcome to St. Louis

The wind billowed through my red Audi R8 as I sped across the freeway toward Missouri. It was a crisp autumn morning, and the leaves had just turned into golden-brown flecks that would soon shrivel and dry like old prunes. With sunglasses perched on my head, I breathed in deeply, revving the engine at full speed. At first, it was glorious.

Down the empty road, I drove at top speed, but then, something appeared ahead. A puddle? A hole? A cliff? The space just a few hundred feet away was strange, shimmering as if it radiated hot energy. I lifted my foot from the accelerator to slow; however, the car continued. Jamming the brakes did nothing to help; knocking the stick shift back and forth only seemed to make the car go faster.

I was frantic. My heart lept out of my chest as I rapidly turned the wheel in attempt to turn around, but the tires only skid and burst into a cloud of rubber. I turned back to see another spook bounce off into the distance. The blood rushed to my head as I neared the strange mass. Then, I felt a cool hand pressing upon my neck- hard. I clawed frantically as I chocked, my vision now spotted with flying black dots. At the same time, I kept my hand on the wheel, attempting to stay in the lane. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't swallow. I couldn't even comprehend what was happening. Catching the wind as the car sped along, saliva dripped from my mouth. I turned purple, flailing in my seat trying to get even the slightest bit of air only to squeak in a few feeble breaths.

Suddenly, the St. Louis Arch loomed in the road, arcing into the heavens like a never-ending roller coaster. Ten feet away. I could only watch, drifting in and out of consciousness, as the car went ever faster. Five feet. I had no choice.

I drove onto the arch, lifting in to the air. The roads became smaller and the sky came closer. I was driving nearly vertically. I tried my best to hold the wheel still as I ascended to the vertex. Halfway, another tire burst, and I felt my limbs go weak. The car served, coming dangerously close to the edge, where the drop would surely mean death. Then, the Arch started to swivel and sway. The Audi groaned at the wind that pushed it along at an uncomfortable speed. The engine started to sputter. The lights flickered on and off, and finally, the last tire burst, falling to its death into the gorge below. Sparks flew from the rims as I skirted across the edge of the arch, tumbling off like a pill in space.

I flipped inside the car, strapped in helplessly like a cow. My head hit the window shield, blood sprouting between my eyes. With one more flip, a trail of red flew into the air. My neck cracked against the back of the seat while a wave of nausea churned through my stomach. The ground raced up, and before I could utter a sound, the world went still. Chaos halted.

I waited. I waited so long for the light to come. I waited for the angels from heaven to lift me to my feet in a chorus of harmony and peace. Yet, the time never came.

Where was God when I needed Him the most?

Disclaimer: This piece is purely fiction. Characters and events are solely part of my imagination.