Recently I just went to Firefly with my sister, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. But after wearing my outfits and seeing some of the other outfits, there are some rules and tips that should be followed:

1. Don't wear fishnets.

Yes, I know. They're cute as hell and look perfect for a music festival. BUT. They'll rip when you sit down on the grass and a stick gets caught on them or on a bench where the wood tears them. Then, they're not so cute anymore and you kind of just look like you don't know what you're doing. Also, if you're outside ALL day, those tan lines? Honey...

2. Body jewels are a must, but only with the right glue

You'll be sweating in the 90-degree sunny sky weather, so make sure you spend the right money on GOOD glue rather than buy cheap jewels that just stick on and will be falling off by the time it hits the afternoon.

3. Frayed shorts, yes. Booty cheeks, no.

It's a very big trend to show off what you got at festivals, but sometimes it's too much. The number of butts I saw this past weekend could have turned into a very fun drinking game. There are ways to style yourself if you wanna show off a little bit of something, but be careful how you do it because it can look trashy. And, well, frayed shorts aren't the way to show it off.

4. Flare pants, but only if hemmed.

Flare pants are STUNNING and so flattering (yes, even on us short girls). But if they're too long, people will be stepping on them and tearing them. Dirt will be getting all up in that. It's just not the look you want so just make sure they fit properly before plopping them in your suitcase!

5. Closed-toe shoes, nothing else.

I wore flip flops one day because I absolutely hate wearing socks, but, oh boy. My one toe got scratched by a stick and was bleeding all day! Not to mention, my feet were ready to kick me in the face out of discomfort. Closed-toe shoes are the most comfortable and most practical. And if you think sandals are cuter, trust me, my sister was stunting on everyone with her Nikes all weekend long.