Stop Associating Feminism With Hating Men
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To Every Girl Speaking Out Against Feminism, There's A Difference Between A Feminist And A Feminazi

Being man-hating and viewing men as inferior is a stigma that needs to stop being associated with feminism.

To Every Girl Speaking Out Against Feminism, There's A Difference Between A Feminist And A Feminazi
Alicia Robbins

In the recent weeks of scrolling through the Odyssey homepage looking at the featured articles, I have noticed a popularity in articles by females speaking against feminism. However, it seems as if these ladies are conforming feminism to that of the extreme feminists. This is not their fault, as the definition of feminism has become narrowed and overcomplicated in modern times, but there is a difference between a feminist and an extreme feminist that some like to call a "feminazi."

Feminazis have set feminism at a standard it should not be at. Firstly, feminism means something different to every person and it should not be defined so narrowly. Secondly, there are a lot of beliefs extreme feminists have that go against the very definition of feminism itself.

Simply defined feminism is the theory or advocacy for equality among the sexes in every aspect.

Feminism is not the belief that women are the dominant gender or should be putting down the male gender at any opportunity. Although there are some extreme feminists who do believe that notion most of the women I know who claim to be feminists do not hate men or view them as inferior. Believing that men are inferior and should, in fact, be treated as inferiors defy the equality and freedom fought for in feminism. Treating anyone as inferior is not going to advance equality on either side.

To me, a lot of what feminism is is a celebration of hard-working women. Women as a gender have faced more oppression than men. While men have been running the country since it has been established, women have only had a say and the right to vote since August 1920. Women have gained a lot and most feminists love to celebrate that and all of the hard-working and talented ladies in our country.

Feminism to me also means identifying as a woman in whatever way one wants. Feminazis have also stigmatized with feminism a lack of femininity, as in not wearing a bra. Anti-feminists claim to feel threatened by this and they feel as if they cannot express themselves as more stereotypically feminine. However, feminism is all about expressing oneself as a woman in any way. Personally, I identify strongly as a female, so I like to wear makeup and look "girly." And there is nothing wrong with me or any other lady who is like this. This does not mean we are less of a feminist or should be shunned. Yet, it goes the other way too. If someone does not identify as stereotypically feminine and wants to express that by not wearing a bra or dressing in more masculine ways that should be okay too.

But there are still slight inequalities in our country that we should all be fighting for. Women are still very much seen as sexual objects, as evident by the fact that 1 in 5 women is raped at some point in her life and 1 in 3 women have experienced some form of sexual violence in their life.

Women are still earning less than men, in 2018 women have earned 77.9 cents for every dollar by men. This does not mean that women cannot be successful, it just means that we have to work harder to get to where we want to be, making us stronger. But this is still an issue that should be fought for. There is no reason at this point in time that women should still be earning less than men or getting sexually assaulted far more regularly than men.

From what I have read I believe even those claiming to be anti-feminists would fight for at least solutions in sexual related assault and violence. These so-called anti-feminists also claim to love and value women, as typical of true feminism.

To me feminism is being loving of all people, hoping for the best for those who deserve it, while also celebrating the progress females have made and recognizing that progress still does need to be made in terms of equality and liberty. Feminists should not be generalized into man-hating, illogical crazy women.

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