Recently, people have begun to realize that some older movies aren't the most politically correct. Movies like "Sixteen Candles" have recently come under fire because of its blatant racism and the sexual misconduct by the main characters. However, these movies continue to be favorites among film lovers, myself included. As someone who is actively in favor of the #MeToo movement and holding people accountable for their actions, I had to take a step back and ask myself why I still enjoy these movies. I have come to realize that there is nothing wrong in my enjoying these movies and still calling myself a feminist for a number of reasons.

For one, I acknowledge the fact that the actions in movies and shows like this are wrong. In shows like "Friends" there is quite a lot of insensitive jokes that include sexist and homophobic comments, and, while I do realize they are wrong, I can still enjoy the show. I know it's wrong, and I know that people should not do it, but I can still enjoy the rest of the movie.

Another thing is, I realize when it was made. Now, just saying that something is okay because it happened ago isn't completely okay, people should still be held responsible for their actions. However, realizing that it was okay in the 80s for someone to say something insensitive is different. I know that they did not understand that certain things were actually wrong to say and I can't exactly fault them for that.

Also, I realize that it is a show. These things didn't actually happen. However, I also realize that these could have encouraged these things to happen in real life. People were not actually hurt when these movies were being made.

This is not a case of separating the art from the artist, though. Most of the time, the people that made these movies are good people, they just write about bad things. "Separating the art from the artist" is an excuse people use to get away with enjoying the art of a person that has actually done something wrong.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do feel a little dirty when I watch these movies and shows because I can't help but think about how offensive the jokes are or how wrong people's actions are. I do try to stray from watching new movies that mimic these wrong things. There is no reason why now, with most people knowing right from wrong, that shows are still being made with these jokes in them.

I cannot make any excuses for shows that are made now that endorse actions that are clearly wrong. I am able to understand that the movies that have wrong actions in them but were made a while ago. Also, most people that were involved in the making of the movies and shows have now acknowledged that they were wrong and that people should not mimic the actions or continue to make movies and shows that perpetuate these types of actions.