I Fell In Love With Colorado

Last August, my family visit the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and ever since I have been in love with the mountains. I constantly think about going back and having those amazing feelings back. Here are my top reasons why I am in love with Colorado and I can't wait to go back.

The views

The views are absolutely gorgeous. I saw pictures before we left and I used to think that Colorado was a place out of a fantasy. I just remember the feeling I had when I saw the mountains I was so amazed. No matter where you look it is the views are just breathtaking. The one confusing part is for the first two hours driving into Colorado it looked like a flat dessert then quickly changed into the most beautiful sight of mountains.

Climbing to the top of a mountain is unreal

When I was at the bottom of the mountain I could only see up to a certain point so I didn't think the hike would be awful. We were stocked with our canned oxygen, walking sticks, and we had our camelbacks full of water.

The hike started out pretty easy and as it progressed it got harder and the air got thinner (this is where the canned oxygen helped, even though part of me still believes it doesn't help). I kept going and the views we definitely worth the hike. When I got to the top I felt so happy with myself and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Got to spend time with my family

The most important part of this whole trip was getting to spend time with my dad, his fiancé, my brother, and his girlfriend. I don't get to see my dad and Michelle that often so it made this trip so worth the fourteen-hour car ride.

I love Colorado and all the memories I made there in August, I am hoping our family can get back together again to make more memories in this beautiful state.

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