I have been home on break for about a week and a half now. When I got home, we had our Christmas tree up. Even though I've been watching Hallmark movies nonstop, for me it has not felt like Christmas yet. I've been noticing, the older I get, the more and more it seems like leading up to Christmas it doesn't feel like much. I know the true meaning of Christmas which is not just about Santa and gifts, but it's about the birth of Jesus. I feel like the years are getting more and more commercialized and less about the true meaning of Christmas.

Keep Christ In Christmas

I like when people say keep Christ in Christmas. This world today needs more of Christ and people who are Christ-like. This Christmas and throughout the next year, I challenge you to show the world some love. In a world full of so much bad news these days, we need to share some love and show others how Christ loved.

Family and friends Time

Christmas for me I love just spending time with family and friends. My favourite Christmas tradition is going to my church's Christmas Eve service at 11 and sitting in the balcony. We light the candles and sing Silent Night and watch the church as the light of the candles start to fill the space. That is one of my favourite family times.

Christmas Parties

Finally one of my favourite Christmas traditions is Christmas parties. I haven't gone to many in the past, however, these times are when it really puts you in the mood for Christmas. Just this past Friday, my mom had her office staff over at my house for her annual Christmas party. Getting to decorate the house and then having the party really put me in the mood when leading up I wasn't feeling much Christmas spirit.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. These are just three things that get me in the Christmas spirit year after year. This year, try to reflect back on the things that get you in the Christmas spirit. I wish everyone a safe and healthy New Year as well.