With Thanksgiving approaching, most families are preparing to visit the grocery store to buy food or prepping to make casseroles. And if your family is anything like mine, you will probably argue over what's the best dish is to eat during Thanksgiving.

However, Instacart recently conducted a survey that looked at what dish the majority of Americans enjoy on Thanksgiving, and the results will likely surprise you.

According to Instacart, the survey, which was conducted online by The Harris Poll, stated that 68 percent of Americans secretly dislike a classic Thanksgiving food but eat it anyway due to tradition, and 29 percent dislike canned cranberry sauce (the survey also stated that nearly half of Americans say canned cranberry sauce is "disgusting.")

The canned cranberry sauce phenomenon isn't surprising considering that most people either love it or hate it. I used to actually be one of those people before I started mixing it with turkey and decided that I like it!

What's ironic though is that Instacart stated that, while the survey conducted said that many Americans hate canned cranberry sauce, customers on Instacart bought 50 percent more canned cranberry sauce than fresh cranberries last Thanksgiving.

Is this due to having other family members that enjoy canned cranberry sauce or a reluctance to have to serve yet another homemade dish?

Maybe it's for the same reason that most Americans dislike Thanksgiving food but will eat it anyway due to tradition? More than likely, someone may dislike a dish but be forced to eat it due to not wanting to hurt another family member's feelings.

But what is surprising is that a large percentage of people dislike green bean casserole - 24 percent of the survey respondents to be exact, said they dislike the dish.

I mean, green bean casserole is just green beans mixed with mushroom gravy? Maybe it's the mushroom gravy that most people dislike, or do people just dislike green beans?

Another surprising finding is that, according to the survey, 22 percent of respondents hate sweet potato casserole and 21 percent hate pumpkin pie. Yes, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie!

In my family, if you hate sweet potato casserole, you wouldn't be invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

But Instacart does concede that 31 percent of people like pumpkin pie despite the 21 percent that dislike it. Pumpkin pie is a traditional pie to eat during Thanksgiving, so it's natural that people either love it or dislike it. People who dislike pumpkin pie probably hate anything pumpkin flavored.

What's also surprising is that 21 percent of Americans surveyed stated that they secretly hate pies but will eat them anyway. This is shocking considering that so many families will serve pie during the holidays and considering how much pies represent Thanksgiving as a holiday!

Another statistic that might shock you is that 19 percent of the Americans surveyed DISLIKE turkey. That seems like a large number, considering turkey is the main dish served during Thanksgiving!

The survey doesn't mention why people dislike turkey. I guess these individuals have to make do with eating ham during the holiday.

What the survey also doesn't consider is how many people dislike all casseroles in general. I know several people that dislike casseroles which is often why they will tell me that they hate Thanksgiving.

The survey also doesn't consider how many people dislike Thanksgiving as a holiday in general. A concept that seems unthinkable to me since Thanksgiving is the one holiday when you can eat as much food as you want or completely go off of your diet and not feel guilty about it until the next day.

The survey also doesn't mention how many people like broccoli casserole which is a huge casserole dish served in my family Thanksgiving. But this may be due to the fact that it's not considered one of the most common casseroles served during Thanksgiving.

Despite the survey's results, Instacart did reveal that most of the people who disliked the casseroles or favorite dishes served on Thanksgiving still bought them in the store. In addition, the survey doesn't take into account that some people are also more picky than others when it comes to eating Thanksgiving dishes.

Despite the survey, everyone can agree that they each have a different preference when it comes to their favorite Thanksgiving food!