Ever wonder what your favorite studying place says about you
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What Your Favorite Place to Study Says About You

Are you more of an "upright 90 degree angle perched at your spotless desk" person or the "obtuse angle slouched in bed" type?

What Your Favorite Place to Study Says About You

Ever wonder what the place you spend countless hours trying to remember who won the War of 1812 says about you? Look no further...



You're a traditionalist through and through. You live by the motto, "if it's not broke, why fix it?". From elementary school to now you've been told that the library is where one can be most productive. It's quiet, dependable, and there are shelves of books to make you forget that there are other people around to help you fully immerse yourself. Plus, you cherish the times when you "go study" with friends and end up stifling outbursts of laughing within the brick walls.


When it's been five minutes and you decide you need a break


You are a person of little wants or needs and this too applies to your studying environment. You don't need to be in a confined area that is perfectly quiet and has a temperature of exactly seventy-two degrees. In fact, the less struggle of getting to the actual act of studying, the better. If that means falling asleep with your notes on your lap only to wake up and start studying again, hey that's fine by you. And if that mid-morning slouch hits particularly hard, the best thing about your studying location is that it is well equipped for a 15-minute nap. It's called efficiency.



You are a creature of habit and love to know exactly when, where, and how your studying will take place. By utilizing your desk, you are prepared for anything that Calc 2 may throw your way- be it a need for paperclips, highlighters or even alligator clips (ya never know)-you got it all. You are the prepared friend in your group, who gives out the day's plan fully highlighted, hole punched and collated. Your studying area is immaculately clean and your organization allows you to optimize your time to the utmost efficiency.



You are the person who needs a proper aesthetic and "feeling" in order to be productive while studying. The lights can't be too bright, the noise in the background can't be too loud, and there can't be too many visual distractions. this particular nature leads you to the local coffee shop, where the voices are murmured and the light is inviting, making it the perfect seating area for you to break open that textbook. Some people may complain that you are too stubborn when it comes to this area of your life but you're fine to disagree with them. If being comfortable and allowing yourself to get "in the zone" of studying means walking a few extra blocks to the coffee shop down the street, it's all worth it for a few good hours of productive studying.


Expectation of studying outside: finding a lifelong squirrel friend


You are the type of person who loves variety in life and your study area needs to mirror that. What better place than outside where there is always the breeze to keep you invigorated and the occasional animal to provide a quick study break. You tend to be more chill in regards to your studies and will not stress out too much if your cram session is interrupted by a friend who happens to be walking by or the lovely sunset that can't be missed. Plus, in your true multitasked fashion, it's an added bonus if you get to work on that tan you've spent your whole summer on while simultaneously studying for that Microbiology exam.

Literally Anywhere


You're one of those people who go with the flow and wherever it takes you. Park bench at 6 p.m. on a Thursday? Perfect place for History flashcards. Train to the city at 11 a.m.? What place is better for differential equations. Your ability to adapt to the environment around you and conquer whatever task you have on mind is unparalleled and is the source of envy for many of your peers. You can block out the noise and other distractions to focus on what needs to be done-acing this exam. This ability not only allows studying to occur literally everywhere but saves you time in the long run, because as you're walking to that cafe to study Psychology, you're already halfway through your English notes for the coming week.

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