As college students we are often stressed, not sleeping enough, dehydrated, or not eating properly... and because of that, our skin takes a hit as well. Skin care is not only important to maintain healthy skin but it's also important to help you feel good. Here are some of my favorite tips to keep your skin healthy!

1. Rest and Sleep

Sleeping is the best, and most natural way, to improve your skin. It'll also help you look less tired... obviously! Getting 6-8 hours of sleep can significantly help.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water, Water, Water! It's almost as important as sleeping. Staying hydrated will keep your skin clear and healthy. If you don't like just drinking plain water, you can buy natural water flavoring packets (easily found on Amazon or at Walmart).

3. Moisturizer

Use a face moisturizer and massage it into your face - this will help with your circulation and open up your pores.

4. Exercise 

Exercise can be so helpful because it helps get the blood flow and oxygen going. Additionally, the sweat will help open up your pores and clear up your skin!

5. Face Masks & Pore Strips

Not only is this great for your skin in many ways, but it's also a great way to relax and take a break. Use trusted brands and do your research before putting anything on your face!

6. Exfoliate 

Use a face wash in the morning and the night to help clear your skin and open up your pores. I personally love and have been using the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena face wash for years now. But again, before you use any product make sure to do your research.

7. The Less Makeup, the Less Acne

Wearing makeup often can cause acne because it irritates your skin. If you want to clear your skin up, go bare-faced, or wear light makeup for a week and see how you feel!