What Your Favorite Pasta Sauce Says About You
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What Your Favorite Pasta Sauce Says About You

"I only like pasta and like, three people."

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Coming from an American-Italian household, it's pretty evident that pasta is life. No exaggeration or anything, but we are firm believers that spaghetti and meatballs have the insane ability to make the world go-round. There's an insane amount of shapes and recipes out there when it comes to pasta it's pretty amazing, am I right?

Is your favorite pasta topping traditional? Anomalous? Basic? Boring? Regardless of whatever it might be, your "go-to" really nearly screams who you are as a person. Here's what your favorite pasta sauce says about you:

​1. Bolognese 

You probably like tacos and you probably love lasagna. You appreciate the deliciousness in this classic meat sauce. You likely live life dangerously varying your shapes from penne to rigatoni to spaghetti with this one. Watch out, world.

2. Pesto

You're likely the type of person who tries really, really hard to be disciplined with what you eat. The thing is you're only human so when there's pesto, having a huge bowl of pasta is only right. No regrets ever.

3. Alfredo

You're the type of person who would never, ever say "no" to cheese. You will never discriminate it because you believe it's a human privilege having cheese. When the cheese melts, it emulsifies the liquids to form a smooth and rich sauce of pure magic. On any given day, you will happily (and shamelessly) accept the amount of calorie intake you'd be consuming.

4. Vodka

You're the type of person in denial that this is an American "wannabe Italian" tomato sauce. You probably don't even realize that you don't necessarily "need" vodka when making it. Nevertheless, it's a staple sauce that you can order at any Italian restaurant. It's the pinky-orange sauce that never disappoints.

5. Marinara 

You're probably the type of person who doesn't like having a wild Friday night. Simplicity is key and being super low-maintenance is your thing. Having a boring sauce on pasta, one of God's best creations, doesn't even phase you with what's actually out there when it comes to pasta and sauce pairing.

6. Arrabbiata 

You're definitely an adventurous person with a true appreciation for flavor. Your eccentric taste lives for this spicy sauce with its wicked smart combination of garlic and dried red chili peppers all cooked in olive oil and tomato paste. It's a bit of tradition mixed with some flair.

7. Clam

You are classy and love all things boujee. You definitely love drinking wine and taking pictures of your meals—and your go-to choice of Linguine with Clam Sauce screams it, too. You get the best of everything thanks to this iconic sauce.

8. Burro

It doesn't matter if you're 5, 16, or 75— You will always be a kid at heart. More butter and more sprinkled cheese? Oh hell yes, please and thank you. The more, the better. You're a firm believer that this type of pasta is comfort at its absolute finest. It will never, ever leave you disappointed. It's the best fix.

9. Carbonara 

"Out with the old, and in with the new" is a phrase you know all too well. This plot-twist Alfredo sauce always sets the mood for satisfaction. Pancetta, garlic, cream, and cheese seasoned with salt and pepper. It's magnifico and seriously underappreciated by many even though it's a popular menu item.

10. Cacciatore

Your taste buds have a devoted appreciation of mixing ingredients. You probably rave about this totally underrated meaty vegetable sauce because of the juniper touch it has. Odds are you probably have to explain to people what juniper is, too.

11. Frutti di Mare 

You're a total beach bum at heart. You absolutely love each and every type of seafood and cringe at people who refuse to explore it. According to you, having all your favorites thrown in some delicious creamy and cheesy sauce is way better than sex. It's just an alternate way to your heart.

12. Romana

You aren't too picky of a person but you love having a mouthful of flavors mixed with your pasta. You like change and modernization. Bring on the meats and chicken with all those savory chopped up mushrooms. It makes your stomach happy.

13. Funghi e piselli

You're the type of person who doesn't like wasting time. This quickly put-together sauce has everything you could possibly ask for. It has taste, texture, and color. It has veggies, cream, and cheese. Things come better in three's and this sauce is living proof of it.

14. Tartufata  

You're probably big on Chicken Marsala if this is your favorite because this is the pasta version. This sauce is yet another example of how white wine and garlic go hand-in-hand. The carmelizing flavors are exquisite and always get the job done.

15. Umbria

You like being your own person. Barely anyone knows what Umbria sauce even is. Any chance you get you'd love for the opportunity to share this recherché savor to the world— even if it means combining pounded anchovies, oil, and garlic flavored with some tomatoes and truffles.

16. Gravy

You are a true Italian. You get highly offended when people call the red stuff that goes on pasta "sauce." Odds are you grew up making gravy for hours each Sunday with a family recipe that's been passed down for generations. Sausage, lamb, meatballs, pork chops— you name it. Ahhh, the good stuff.

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