10 Places In Pittsburgh That Everyone Must Visit ASAP
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10 Places In Pittsburgh That Everyone Must Visit ASAP

My absolute favorites in the 'Burgh.

10 Places In Pittsburgh That Everyone Must Visit ASAP
Maria Jay

1. Incline/Mt. Washington:

One of the best views of the city is from Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, a pricey restaurant atop Mt. Washington. A fun way to get to Station Square or get down from dinner? The inclines, both the Monongahela and the Duquesne, are experiences that no other city can match. Especially at the Duquesne incline where you can take a tour of the inner-workings and history of the incline.

2. Ft. Pitt Tunnel View of City:

When you come in from west side of the city (specifically the airport) the city that opens up before your eyes is incredible and breathtaking. The color of the sky, the river, and the city explodes during the day, and at night the stars and lights of the city come alive.

3. City of Champions:

With champions in almost all of the major sports categories, you are bound to find a sporting event to fall in love with in the ‘burgh. My personal favorite is Pirates games at PNC Park, but you can also see the Penguins cream other teams at PPG Paints Arena (formerly Consol Energy Center), and watch the Steelers do pretty okay at Heinz Field.

4. Station Square:

A hopping area of town that is at the bottom of the Monongahela incline, it’s jam-packed with wonderful restaurants including but not limited to: the Grand Concours, Hard Rock: Pittsburgh, and The Melting Pot. The beautiful water fountain display is a focal point which makes this area extremely popular in the summer.

5. Heinz Hall:

This absolutely gorgeous concert venue is home to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and was built in 1927. What makes the venue so magnificent is its high vaulted Venetian ceilings, marble staircase, and general opulence. It’s a Pittsburgh Landmark and overall a wonderful experience when you get to dress up, go out on the town, and attend the symphony for the evening.

6. Strip District for Breakfast:

There are some amazing places to eat breakfast on a Saturday morning in the Strip District, including but once again not limited to: DeLuca’s, Pamela’s, and Enrico Biscotti Company. The Strip District itself has a rich history dating back to 1901 when the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company began and is still in operation today.

7. Heinz History Center:

Located not far from the Strip District is the Heinz History Center. With roots as far back as 1879, this is the oldest cultural institutions in Western Pennsylvania. One of my favorite places to visit as a kid and even now, it has classic exhibits that it always has, and typically features a specialty exhibit that is only open for a specific amount of time. There is always something for the whole family at the Heinz History Center.

8. The Point & Three Rivers Art Festival:

Point State Park features our city’s two rivers joining into the Ohio river and showcases a large fountain as a centerpiece. In June, the Three Rivers Art Festival offers free music, and booths to walk around to purchase homemade art goods. I’ve bought many amazing handcrafted goods here, and always enjoy going annually with friends and family and soaking in the sunshine at the point.

9. Carnegie Science Center:

Another favorite childhood activity was visiting the Carnegie Science Center. There is a detached Sports Center with amazing interactive activities, and the main building has many activities for people ages 0-100. Many memories are made here, and just another feature that wows guests from Pittsburgh and out of town.

10. Market Square/PPG at Christmas Time:

One of my favorite parts of Pittsburgh is Market Square. Located in downtown Pittsburgh, this small area has many restaurants including but not limited to: Moe’s, Chipotle, Primanti's, and Dunkin Donuts. In the Summer this is an enjoyable destination that is easily accessible by the trolley system. In the Winter you can visit PPG and see the Santa figures from around the world and gingerbread houses made by children from the cities in and around Pittsburgh. After that you can go ice skating at the PPG rink that surrounds a gorgeous massive tree. Grab a hot chocolate and head over a few blocks to the People’s Gas Holiday Market that is the home to cute booths of handmade goods. You’ll never regret toughing out the nasty northern weather to visit the city around the holidays.
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