Did you have any idea that more that so many makeup companies actually still choose to test on animals? So many larger companies, such as MAC, Rimmel, L'Oreal, and many more are still conducting animal tests for their products. Many of these companies also have parent companies, the companies that own them, and these parent companies are performing tests on animals as well. A lot of companies actually use this parent company scheme as almost a "loophole" to test their products, that way the smaller companies themselves can say they "don't test on animals". The major change from animal testing in the United States actually came from the idea of Europe banning it in 2013.

Companies like MAC and L'Oréal also are selling their products in countries such as China, and in China, they are required by law to test foreign cosmetic products on animals. However, L'Oreal actually owns some companies like NYX and Urban Decay, and these two companies are actually maintaining their cruelty-free policy, despite their parent company saying they should test on animals. Clinique is also testing those infamous eye creams and anti-aging and wrinkle reducing lotions on animals in China.

There are many companies that you can actually find dupes for, and they're usually cheaper, and cruelty-free! Colorpop, elf, NYX, and a personal favorite of mine, Physician's Formula! However, there are more high-end companies that don't test on animals as well, such a BareMinerals and Too Faced. Sadly though, a lot of our favorite companies are the ones that do test on animals, for example, Sephora's brand themselves actually tests on animals, as does Avon. Avon was actually one of the first companies to say they were "cruelty-free" and against animal testing, only to be uncovered to have been paying for secret animal testing in China.

Not only are some of our favorite makeup companies testing on animals, but OPI, the popular nail polish brand, is also out now as a company that is conducting animal tests for their products, as well as Victoria Secret's perfume line.

Now that we've covered, or rather UNCOVERED, the sad truth about some really "good" makeup brands, here's a lot of alternatives that you can use instead of supporting the companies who think testing on cute little baby bunnies is okay!


- Kat Von D

- Milani

- Hard Candy

- Colorpop

- Pur Cosmetics

- It Cosmetics

- many more!

It may seem hard to stray away from these brands that are testing on animals, but it's not! There are so many alternatives for both high-end and drug store brands, you just have to do your research! So keep an eye on what makeup you're buying next time you go pick up a new eyeliner or trying out some new mascara! You could also try making your own makeup because it's actually very cheap and super cool to make your own setting powder or setting spray!