Good Fashion = Popularity + Likability??
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Good Fashion = Popularity + Likability??

Let's find out the truth value of this equation...

Good Fashion = Popularity + Likability??

Fashion. The way we dress. The way we present ourselves, it's an art, really. But is it connected to popularity and likability?

It is. Induibitably so.

I have proof!! Proof aka just one story. We wouldn't want proof overload, now would we?

Now I reflect upon my own past experience when looking to answer such a question. The most popular I have ever been in my whole life was in 7th grade. Everyone knew me, I knew everyone. (For better or for worse.) Now, what was my wardrobe? The suspense is probably too much for you...

So take a seat, and put in your guesses.

Hollister? Maybe. Abercrombie & Fitch? Likely not, given that my arms are not a huge fan of suffocating. Target brand? You know you've got it on this one...

I regret to inform you, the answer is none of the above.

It was my own thing. A long sleeve Pikachu crop top, knee length shorts, and pink furry boots. I wore this outfit as often as laundry permitted. I know it's why I was popular and liked too.

Now for a short description of each fashion piece. You're gonna wanna make sure to ~take notes on this one~.

Shoes - Bold yet minimalistic

The boots weren't just pink.. they were hot, hot pink. I oftentimes was stopped by teacher's in the hall, who forced me to "show the bottom of my shoes." (Slippers, like backpacks, were illegal in my middle school.) I take it, their jealously got the best of them. Those shoes were impossible not to love. Not to mention, they looked like pink yeti's. The resemblance was uncanny.

Top - Striking & Trend-Setting

To this day, many struggle to understand what the purpose of a long sleeve crop top actually is. Are you cold? Is it summer? Hard sale. Only those brave enough to wear it, would be able to reap the rewards. The confidence boost it gave was like none other. The large Pikachu on the front gave off all the right vibes. Trends? Gotta catch em' all!!

Bottoms - Simplistically Savory

Have you ever heard the word savory used to describe knee-length jean shorts? Yeah, me neither, but what better way to honor those shorts than with that phrase? Those shorts are what brought the look together. Knee-length jean shorts and ankle boots paired up is the best kept secret in the fashion world.

Don't fret, New York Fashion week, 13 year old me is on my way.

In closing, we need to step back and remember that hair is the last and kinda crucial element of fashion.

So, what hair did I have?!!! Let's give it the attention it deserves.

Sometime in between being an emerging elementary school student and becoming the popular girl I was, someone convinced me that I would look good in bangs. So, there you have it. I got bangs cut halfway to my eyebrows. I know, how much cooler could one get?? To style them, I'd split them in the middle.

These days I ponder why no one else that was popular had my outfit. Unfathomable. How could you be liked without it? How could anyone be liked without certain shoes, hair or clothes?

I don't recall getting many compliments. My mom told me I looked beautiful.

The truth is...

I know, deep down, if everyone had this outfit, and tried to achieve this level of hair perfection, they would be popular too.

I ruled those middle school halls. Halls of gum tapestry and thousands of smelly, wild, pre-teens. What's not to be proud of??

The equation speaks truth. Good Fashion 1500% guarantees that you'll be both popular and liked. What is good fashion? Well you just learned it!

Seriously, there's not more to life than clothes and hair.

I may not be as fashionable as I was back then, but I still try to maintain the qualities that made me popular, like being a listening ear, keeping a sense of humor, and genuinely caring about what went on in other's lives. Qualities anyone can possess, and for free too!

As times change, those qualities may not always prove to make you liked or popular, but they will matter to the one's that matter.

The true accomplishment here, was getting people to like me ~despite~ my "sense of fashion."

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