4 fashion industry "myths" and how to deal with them
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4 fashion industry "myths" and how to deal with them

Your guide to not falling for the half-truths that sound like gospel in the fashion industry

4 fashion industry "myths" and how to deal with them

The fashion industry is a magnet for myths and misconceptions. Some people believe that there are hidden “unwritten rules” that govern your place in the fashion hierarchy.

If you look at it with a cynical lens, the industry can seem like a dense jungle of rules, regulations, myths, and half-truths. Even those who have been working in fashion for a long time sometimes fall for these half-truths. The trick to navigate this industry is to know how to separate true myths from the "legends" they've become.

Whether you’re new to the industry, have been here for a while, or are simply interested in what it takes to succeed, this article explores 4 common myths that you may have come across as well as how to deal with them.

Fashion is the 'most glamorous' industry

woman in white and black stripe tank topPhoto by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

If you think that what we see on screen or in magazines is exactly what’s behind the camera, then you are wrong. The models you see in magazines, billboards or on the runway are photographed for hours and live on strict schedules. They often struggle with hours of exhaustive shoots, painful heels, and cutthroat competition for work. Apart from models, fashion designers also always need to be always on top of their games in order to be recognized in the industry.

You need to be good at 'sketching' to become a fashion designer

woman in white shirt holding white tablet computerPhoto by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

This age-old adage may have been true in the past, but today things are much more accessible thanks to new technologies. You can use many different kinds of computer-based design programs to create a sketch or flat drawings of garments. Tools such as Tailornova, Sculpteo, and Virtuality help you turn flat sketches into 3D fashion art. These tools and many more will make your life easier. They help you create unlimited designs efficiently, effectively and without having to even touch a physical pen or pencil.

You need to be 'born with creativity' to succeed as a designer

assorted-color painted wall with painting materialsPhoto by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

While having a creative bone is good and it can greatly help you define your voice as a designer, it is not a mandatory requirement to be born creative. Most designers in the industry draw inspiration from various sources such as vintage stores, magazines/brochures, and the runway. Many designers even simply learn by replicating previous ideas and making minor alterations. The designs or content can’t always be original, but they can surely be personalized, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you're not blatantly copying someone's work.

The fashion industry lacks 'foresight or intellectual insight'

person in blue shirt writing on white paperPhoto by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

That myth sounds funny! The fashion and design process works in tandem with rigorous trend forecasting, and the industry collaborates with data analysts and forecasters to understand what will be desired in the future. Imagine the thrill and anticipation that comes with predicting how individuals will behave in the future!

In fact, foresight and analysis is a big part of what keeps the industry going. It is the reason why the global fashion industry stands at a whopping $3 trillion in value today. Fashion brands, manufacturers and suppliers are constantly investing in digital solutions such as enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management and factory floor analytics to ensure that they have all the data they need to make smart, insight-driven decisions. The study and research that goes behind all this makes the fashion industry equally as insightful and intellectual as any other industry.

There are plenty of myths about the fashion industry. Even with all these myths and stories, we still love the world of fashion. Be it a student, a professional, or even an outsider, we all read fashion glossies, watch fashion shows or follow some fashion trends. Fashion has unknowingly become an integral part of our lives and it is here to stay forever. So, let’s stay away from myths and do what we love doing the most.

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