Farewell To "America's Next Top Model"
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Farewell To "America's Next Top Model"

"Smizing" through the tears.

Farewell To "America's Next Top Model"

I, along with every woman in America, am sad to hear that one of the greatest, most ridiculous, reality TV competitions is coming to a close. That’s right, “smizers,” "America’s Next Top Model" is entering its last season. Cue the fake tears that Tyra Banks taught us many years ago. While the show did actually open up some opportunity for young women with the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but without the resources or a stylist, it also opened up an opportunity for a variety of personalities to live in one house and compete in what I believe to be one of the greatest broadcasted competitions. Honestly, it’s a step up from the Winter Olympics .

Every season had its band of characters; the staple pyscho, the girl who cries about her makeover, the rough upbringing, and the one with either a kid, disease, or boyfriend. Every season, we watched Ms. J. Alexander teach the girls to strut -- in which we practiced along with them in our living rooms, shamelessly. Whether someone stole another contestant's granola bars or was simply a diva, drama ensued and we all watched with eyes glued to the screen. Just like how each episode comes to a close, we only have one photo (season) left in Tyra’s hands, and with that, I’d like to take the time to cherish all the memories we’ve made in 22 Cycles of ANTM.

No care package from Mom and Dad will ever compare to the excitement of Tyra Mail.

Did the clues ever make sense?

The art of "smizing" -- or smiling with your eyes.

But, sadly, we are not all Tyra Banks, and sometimes your smize turned out like this.

You had to teach some girls confidence; others had the opposite problem.

Constructive criticism is everything.

It wasn’t all fun and games.

Tyra was not afraid to get serious with the contestants and teach them some of life's most important lessons.

Some examples include if parenting is right for you.

Or acting!

Sometimes the stress was too much and the models needed to step back… or fall back and totally pass out.

"Oh. My. Gosh." Everyone watched this episode when it aired.

Everyone's favorite episodes: the makeovers. Some embraced their new haircuts -- others straight up quit the competition.

In case we forgot -- it is just hair, people.

And may we never forget the fabulous episodes abroad.

Sometimes your favorite won -- and sometimes, the girl you couldn't stand did.

You just have to remember that Tyra saw something special in her.

But if you hold any memory to your heart , remember that Tyra Bank literally yelled at a girl because she acted like a brat and created the most iconic television moment of the early 2000s .

We were all rooting for you!

It's time for the final walk on the runway, and with that, I want to say thank you to ANTM, for the laughs, tears, and model tips that I will carry on with me forever. Remember to elongate your neck, embrace your five-head, and, as always, smize.

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