Fantasy And Randomized Chance? Not As Catchy, But The Same Nevertheless

Fantasy And Randomized Chance? Not As Catchy, But The Same Nevertheless

A weird hobby for surprisingly all ages.

Other than it's obvious fantasy connotation, it sounds like a game you'd turn your kid away from. It was initially distrusted as a game, and people held the belief that it was a cult movement rather than a fun hobby. It truly is a strange activity, but it has since grown and flourished into one of the most popular RPGs in the world. So what is it?

Dungeons and Dragons is defined by Google as "a fantasy role-playing game set in an imaginary world based loosely on medieval myth."

Created by a group of friends in 1971, it was officialized and published in 1974 and has since spread throughout the world. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, a classification of games that have been started by D&D. Using dice and good old-fashioned pen and paper, players will describe what they do to another player who's been designated to determine the actions of the environment and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the world.

Usually, with one 'DM' (Dungeon Master) and more than one player, the group as a whole carries the story along, the only constants being the universal and predetermined rules of the universe they DM has created to restrict both parties.

But why would anyone play such a game? It doesn't sound fun if the people don't play along with the story. It's easy to complain about everything you can't control, but that's what works with the style. The world is randomized, and the people would act they see fit in their role that they create themselves. This is where people can start an entirely new and completely different life. People treat the game with a variety of roles, and the game as a base can be highly customized to whoever enjoys it.

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14 Stages Of Buying Jonas Brothers Concert Tickets As A 20-Something In 2019

"Alexa, play "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers."


In case you missed it, the Jonas Brothers are back together and, let me tell you, they're giving us some major jams. For those of us who were there when it all began back in 2007 with their first album, It's About Time, this has been one of the most important events of the year. But nothing, and I mean nothing can rival the excitement every twenty-something felt as the Jonas Brothers announced their Happiness Begins tour. I, for one, put my name in for ticket presale, have been following every single social media site related to the tour/group, and, of course, listening to the Jonas Brothers on repeat. And if you did manage to snag tickets, then you know that this is how your brain has been ever since they announced the tour.

1. Finding out that they're going on tour

2. Hopefully entering your name into the lottery to get presale tickets

3. Finding out that you actually get to buy presale tickets

4. Impatiently waiting for your presale tickets by listening to their songs on repeat

5. And remembering how obsessed you used to be (definitely still are) with them

6. Trying to coordinate the squad to go to the concert with you

7. Waiting in the Ticketmaster waiting room...

8. ...And feeling super frantic/frustrated because there are about 2000 people in line in front of you

9. Actually getting into the site to buy the tickets

10. Frantically trying to find seats you can actually pay for because, let's be real, you're twenty-something and poor

11. Managing to actually get the seats you want

12. Joyfully letting your squad know that you've done it

13. Crying a little because all of the dreams you've had since 2007 are coming true

14. Listening to every single Jonas Brothers song on repeat (again)

If you, like me, have finally fulfilled one of your dreams since childhood, then congrats, my friend! We've made it! Honestly, of all the things I've done in my adult life, this might be the one that child me is the most proud of.

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Must-See Movies For Your Summer

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