The 10 Inventions You Need to Thank African Americans For
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The 10 Inventions You Need to Thank African Americans For

In order to commemorate Black History Month, here is a list of 10 inventions that were created by African Americans that have helped make our lives a little bit more easier!

The 10 Inventions You Need to Thank African Americans For

If I was to ask you to come up with some famous inventors, what comes to mind? Would it be Thomas Edison? Alexander Graham Bell? Wilbur Wright?

Okay, what about Black Inventors? Any that come to mind? Could you name about ten without looking at this list?

Feeling Stumped?

It's okay! Our US education system has failed to incorporate this aspect into our history, and to make that up, here are the top ten inventions that you need to thank African Americans for!

1. The Three-Light Traffic Light - Garrett Morgan

Traffic light,red,black,green,yellow - free image from

2. The Super Soaker - Lonnie G. Johnson

Soak David Tennant GIF by Doctor WhoGiphy

3. Home Security System - (Marie Van Brittan Brown)

File:Home Intruder Alarm system.JPG -

4. The World's First Fastest Computer - Phil Emeagwali

working special agent GIF by TipsyElves.comGiphy

5. Pacemaker - Otis Boykin

Pacemaker Medical Implant - Free photo on

6. Shockwave (Animation on the Web aka GIFS) - Lisa Gelobter

Cat Kitten GIF by DemicGiphy

7. Refrigerated Trucks - Frederick McKinley Jones

File:ELS Hino Dutro (2nd) Topre refrigerated truck.jpg - Wikimedia

8. Automatic Elevator Doors - Alexander Miles

Tired Season 5 GIF by The OfficeGiphy

9. Electret Microphone - James E. West

behind the scenes singing GIF by COINGiphy

10. Carbon Light Bulb Filament - Lewis Latimer

light lights out GIFGiphy

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