Fallin' in love with fall
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Fallin' in love with fall

I don't know if you've heard, but fall is my favorite season and here's why

Fallin' in love with fall

Even though I live in Arizona and my definition of fall is 90-degree weather and trying to convince myself that it's cool enough to wear sweaters, I still love the season with all my heart.

Growing up in Iran, our school year actually starts in the fall months. So technically, we would be starting school at the end of September which was very nice because the weather was cooler, usually, there would be rain involved and I got to wear my favorite jackets with my school uniform. Plus, back in Iran we actually have snow and so snow days were always a plus because guess what? The days did not get added to our school year! That gives so many bragging rights with some of my friends who live in the Midwest and the East Coast.

There are certain things that I think really make fall what it is. When I hear the word fall, I instantly think of leaves changing color (even though, that just doesn't happen here), long nights, cold mornings, and hot beverages.

Especially now that we are in a global pandemic, I've really tried to make the most of my fall season. I've hung up little lights in my room to give it more of a cozy vibe. I've dug out my sweaters and try to wear them with shorts so I don't overheat. Last but not least, I have pumpkin spice K-Cups and have been drinking one every day.

So here is my list of why fall is the best season out there.

The cute clothes!


I don't about you, but I personally am not the biggest fan of summer clothes. I just think that fall clothing is cuter because of all the lovely oversized sweaters available. Plus, you can always find the cutest outfits to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. I just love all the warm tone colors and the fact that it's acceptable to layer your clothes as much as you want. Fall clothing to me is the most fashionable out of all the seasons. Winter is a close second, but sometimes your outfits are hidden because you have to wear a puffy coat in order to not freeze.

Everything pumpkin everywhere!


I'm talking about the pumpkin spice lattes, the pumpkin decorations, the pumpkin scented candles, literally anything that involves a pumpkin starts showing up at around the end of September. I don't know what it is about pumpkins, but they get me so excited. I read in an article that we don't like pumpkins because they taste good. We just like them because they make us feel good. That could not be more true. When I see a pumpkin, I immediately think of fall and I think it plays a huge role as to why I love the season so much.

Obviously, the weather starts to cool down (at least a bit).


I feel like a lot of people think that they don't get the fall experience because they live in Arizona. While that might be a little bit true, I think that we also underestimate how cool it could get in Arizona. Something I've noticed is that when Arizona has wind chill, it feels like your face is getting cut by how cold it is. I especially felt like this when I had work early in the mornings. I just think that Arizona also gets cold and you can bust out the heavy jackets, just maybe not as often. That's what Flagstaff is for.

There's love in the air!


Fall is known to be sweater weather and cuddle weather. I just think that everyone gets a little emotional and sensitive during fall which leads us to find romance, connect with friends and family and even get a new dog (trust me, I've seen people adopt dogs mostly in the fall.) I just think that the vibes are just so much cuter in fall and everyone just becomes a little happier to snuggle under a blanket and live their cozy dreams.

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