10 Things To Fall In Love With Besides A Boy
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10 Things To Fall In Love With Besides A Boy

"2. Wildflowers"

10 Things To Fall In Love With Besides A Boy

Love is defined as a feeling of intense, deep affection for someone or something. However, the most important part of that definition is the word something. You don't need to put all of your love and affection into any one person, but instead any one thing. When you feel like you are simply chasing love, take a look at these ten wonderful things to fall in love with.

1. God.

To better your relationship with Him is to better your relationship with everything. Reaffirm your love for God instead of looking for love elsewhere. He will lead you to your Mr. Right when the time is just that: right.

2. Wildflowers.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and noticed how beautiful the flowers growing in the field right off of the 60 mph road are? The way they gently bend at the stalk and flow with the breeze is mesmerizing. Try staring at the flowers and not at your phone waiting for that text back.

3. Sunshine.

There is not a single feeling better than the beaming sunshine gleaming down on, and caressing, your skin. You don't need a man's touch to feel warm and fuzzy, just walk outside.

4. Charity.

Put your feelings of desire and love to good use and volunteer at a local animal shelter, or rehab center. Give back to the community instead of trying to give your love to someone else.

5. Chicken nuggets.

Why love a guy when you could love the crispy, golden, fried goodness of a chicken nugget?

6. The smell of coffee.

The aroma of French roast coffee wafting through the air is better than the smell of any and every guy to have ever walked this Earth.

7. Dogs.

I'm not talking about your ex that you once called a dog. I am talking about a four-pawed-fur-having-stick-fetching animal. Dogs are the most loyal and loving creatures ever. So, love them.

8. Adventure.

Whether it's hiking up a mountain to hang your Eno, climbing the dunes in the Outer Banks, or simply just taking a drive to wherever you end up. Fall in love with the risk and adrenaline of adventure because you'll never end up disappointed.

9. The sound of rain on a tin roof.

The soft ting-ting-ting-ting of rain hitting a tin roof is way more relaxing than trying to fall in love a guy. I'm just saying.

10. Yourself.

You are the one who is going to be with you from the day you take your first breath until the day you take your last. Why not fall in love with the person who knows literally everything about you. Your likes and your dislikes, your allergies and what makes you sick, your strenghts and your weaknesses. You are the only one that truly knows you. So, just fall in love with you.

I don't mean to sound bitter or as if I am an advocate for all things single. However, there is no rush in trying to find the right one for you. Don't rush your love, but when the time is right, fall in it.

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