Fall Fashion Trends You Should Be Following
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7 Fall Fashion Trends You Should Be Following

Need help figuring out what's hot this fall season? Take a look at just a few of my favorite fall fashion trends that you should be following.

7 Fall Fashion Trends You Should Be Following
Mason McClary

Fashion! Everyone loves it! Not everyone has it.... Have no fear though, I am here to help you figure out what you should be wearing during the fall season that make you feel warm and make you look like a fashionista. Ever since I can remember, I loved feeling of looking good in the clothes I was wearing. It made me feel so much better about myself and I was intrigued with all the fashion trends that came out every season. I spend countless hours on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. looking at what's hot and what's not. So, I thought I'd give this fashion talk a try and see if I can convince any of you to follow some of these trends and fill your closets with amazing clothing.

1. Western Style

I know what you're thinking. How can cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and crazy patterned shirts be in style. When these items are paired with other clothing items that accentuate the western patterns and themes, you can have an outfit that would be great for a night out on the town or at a good ol' fashioned ho down! Personally, I would not use several western-themed items in one outfit. I would add bits and pieces here and there. Such as adding a flat-brimmed cowboy hat and a pair of black boots and a western-themed piece of jewelry to an outfit consisting of a black pair of ripped black jeans, a graphic tee, and a black leather jacket. You can also add in floral prints to help add to the western theme. My friend Allie here is taking a suttle approach to the western theme by wearing a floral kimono on top of a floral tank top with a good pair of ripped jeans and a pair of cream-colored booties

2. Chunky Shoes

Who would have thought your dad's pair of Fila shoes would actually be in style? I think no one. However, these kind of shoes have been making their way into the main stream street style and there is no sign of it ending in the near future. These shoes are typically added to more 90s-focused outfits, where their awkward appearence elevates the boujee-ness of the outfit. If you are not used to taking fashion risks, this trend might not be your thing or something you should try at first. Try some of these other trends listed and build up the courage to try this trend. You can always return the shoes if you don't like them.

3. Loafers

While typically we think of dress shoes as the go to shoe to wear when we have to dress up for special occasions, you might want to try out a pair of dress loafers. These comfy and fashion forward shoes add a little uniqueness to your outfit, especially if you get a pair that are embroidered with designs ranging from tigers to flowers to even gold-tipped ones. Typically, I like seeing people match the color of their loafers to the color of their suit jacket or dress shirt. I think it is more appealing to the eye and shows off a person's fun side. However, if you do not feel like wearing red or pink loafers to match your red or pink dress shirt, black loafers will work just as well.

4. Checkered Pants

By far my favorite trend I've ever scene, checkered pants add a classiness to any outfit you pair them with. This pattern looks great on any type of pant, including typical dress pants to joggers. These pants are very versatile so just about anything you can find in your closet will more than likely go with them. I have seen these pants paired a lot with basic t-shirts (a lot of times they are a plain, white color) and a pair of loafers. I've also seen them paired at the complete end of the spectrum with 90s-themed outfits. An old MTV t-shirt you found at Goodwill, a pair of these pants, some tall socks, and a pair of chunky shoes will give you the ultimate boujee feel we all strive to feel from time to time.

5. Plaid

I love plaid. I could wear plaid every day. This pattern is seen in just about every way, shape, and form you can imagine this time of year so incorporating it into your closet will be one of the easiest things you will ever do. Plaid goes with everything. I've worn plaid before with a pair of pajama bottoms before, so believe me it goes with anything. My all time favorite outfit I wear is my red plaid shirt paired with a white graphic tee, my black ripped jeans, and a pair of black Chelsea boots with the addition of silver and black pieces of jewelry. I have too much plaid in my closet that I have no idea what to even put it with because I feel like I wear so much of it. It is truly one of the greatest patterns to every exist.

6. 90s Theme

While this trend might not seem like it fits into the category of a fall trend, I have noticed a lot more people are trying out this trend right now and it seems like it's actually a success. We've seen many things from the 70s and 80s make a comeback into the fashion world such as turtlenecks and berets, so why not bring back graphic t-shirts of our favorite cartoons, fanny packs, and denim overalls? While I have not personally partaken in this trend, I would love to try it out and see what people think. Some of the trends I mentioned earlier would work perfectly with this trend such as checkered pants and chunky shoes. Allie here has jumped right back into the 90s in a chic way with her fanny pack, denim overalls, turtleneck, and her newsboy hat.

7. Colors

With each different season comes different colors that you should try to incorporate into your wardrobe. Spring time calls for pastels, summer time calls for brighter colors, and fall and winter call for darker and more earth-toned colors. More specifically, fall calls for colors that, from what I've noticed, match the colors of the changing foliage. These colors include orange, olive green, mustard yellow, red, and maroon as well as the usual colors like black, white, and beige. Incorporating these colors into your wardrobe is a pretty easy task to complete. I like to find sweaters or cardigans in these types of colors because I think this lets the colors become more prominent then finding a plain shirt in these colors. Allie is definetly dressed for fall with her mustard yellow sweater and her tan Ugg boots paired with a pair of slightly ripped jeans and a denim jacket.

Now that I've given you just a few of the fall trends that are going on right now as we speak in the fashion world, I encourage you to go try out a few of these trends and see what you think. One of the ways I starting loving fashion and styling was by trying out a few trends and see if I felt comfortable enough to wear different types of clothing. Hopefully, you all find this article inspirational and add a maroon sweater or a pair of chunky shoes to your wardrobe.

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