15 Fall Outfits Under $50 To Pair With Pumpkins And Cider
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15 Fall Outfits Under $50 That Pair PERFECTLY With A Pumpkin Patch And Apple Cider

Even if it's just to show off to your pets at home, these 15 autumn pieces are sure to get you in the mood for some apple cider.

person wearing monochromatic brown sweater and pants with black sunglasses on

As the weather starts cooling down and the leaves start changing, our wardrobes want to change with them! Here's my selection of the most stylish fall items from across the web.

A polka-dotted terracotta wrap dress that will look stunning in this year's family photos.

Pretty Little Thing

On sale at Pretty Little Thing for $24 (available in 3 colors and sizes 0-12).

A pair of clip-on earrings from the 1950s that resemble apples so you can bring the apple orchard to you!

Antique Sugar

Antique Sugar is a cute vintage store in Downtown Phoenix known for its wide variety of merchandise from the early 1900s through the 1990s. They ship their clothes anywhere, so you don't even need to live in Phoenix to get your hands on these bite-sized apple earrings!

Get them for $25.

A five-pack of ankle socks with fall treats you can practically taste.


A good review from a buyer: These socks are so soft, but more importantly, they don't slip into my shoes as I wear them throughout the day. They are my "go-to" socks when I'm looking for cute "just above the ankle" socks.

Get them from Designer Shoe Warehouse for $12.99 (One size fits most)

A scalloped-hem dress in a burgundy color that is perfect for a virtual brunch or date night.


A good review from a buyer (translated from French): Beautiful dress. Soft peach skin-like texture. Hugs your curves beautifully. However, the waistline is big. I recommend.

Get it from Romwe for $19.95 (available in sizes XS-L)

Flared velvet pants that will take you back to the 21st night of September and help you live  out your vampire dreams.


These pants are seriously groovy. Get them from ASOS for $38. (Available in sizes 0-10)

Suede thigh-high boots perfect for crunching leaves and stunning on the street.


A good review from a buyer: "Buy. These. Boots.STOP YOUR THIGH HIGH BOOT SEARCH HERE, LADIES! I spent days and days searching the internet for TRULY thigh-high boots. I'm 5'7" (and a half) and 160lbs.. so a 21" shaft (arch of the foot to the top of boot) does NOT do it for me.

I was looking for something that came a few inches OVER the knee. These boots are true to size - and the measurements provided are accurate. A 26" shaft was exactly what my long legs needed.

I have pretty average size legs, as far as width goes, and these boots are perfectly snug and don't fall down.. there is even a sort of elastic under the knee - which was NOT uncomfortable to my pleasant surprise - to keep them fit and over thighs.

On that note, I will say ladies with thicker legs might want to find another boot because they don't really stretch. The heal is a perfect height... it's not a stiletto and it's also not too chunky...

To top it off...any other boots that match these perfect measurements and quality are AT LEAST twice the price. Please trust me, I did the research for you already...BUY THE BOOTS!

Get them from Amazon starting at $42.98 (Available in 23 colors and styles and in sizes 5-10)

A black cat club sweatshirt that (I promise) won't offend your dog if you wear it every day.


Reviewers say that the sweatshirt is slightly small, so size up if you want it to fit just right.

Get it from ModCloth for $49 (Available in sizes XS-XL)

A pleated midi skirt that will remind you that you're the boss of your house, even if you aren't feeling like it.


A good review from the buyer: LOVE this skirt and I was so happy to find it at target! It's a great fall color and can be styled so many different ways. Dress it up with some black heels and a black turtleneck or dress it down with a graphic tee, a black felt hat, and black booties.

Get it at Target for $27.99 (Available in 3 colors and sizes XS-XXL)

Sketchers sneakers comfy enough for a lounge day or for walking through a pumpkin patch, and cute enough for your IG story.


Good review from buyer: I saw these sneakers online and fell in love with them! I ordered them immediately and don't regret it all. They are very cute and I received compliments the first day I wore them.

They are comfortable and great for spring summer when you don't want to wear a heavy athletic sneaker or a sandal. It's that perfect balance of casual and stylish!

Get them from Zappos for $42.99 (Available in sizes 5-11)

Trendy polymer clay earrings in fall shades to give you a little pep in your step (or ear).


FreeTribeDesigns is an Etsy shop selling lots of different earring and necklace styles similar to this.

Plus, 10% of the profit from each purchase goes to national and international efforts to stop human trafficking and support the victims, so check them out and support a good cause!

Available on FreeTribeDesigns Etsy shop for $15.99.

A plus-size striped jumpsuit that you'll never want to take off.


Good review from buyer: Super cute and true to size! I'm a 3x and it fit perfectly. It luckily has a snap button at the top as well so you don't have to worry about showing cleavage if you're not comfortable with that. Definitely recommend!

Get it from Target on sale for $29.74 (Available in sizes X-4X)

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