Fall in Upstate New York
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Fall in Upstate New York

Beauty and wonders of New York

Fall in Upstate New York

Growing up in upstate New York is a true blessing because all the various seasonal changes we experience each and every year, and it always looks so beautiful. Looking over the cold, and rainy or snowy weather days, in New York, we have one of the best sceneries in the United States. As I do enjoy the wonders of summer with hot, sunshine and able to walk outside shorts, sun glasses and enjoy every hour outside, it is starting to grow on me, fall is the most beautiful and just has so much to it. It doesn’t matter whether it is night or day, the changing of leaves, the brisk winds, the variations of colors, just builds the sensation of relaxation that warmth billows your inner self.

Lately, I find myself turning off my music while I am driving and creating long detours back home. Driving through urban roads, a third under the speed limit, admiring so much among me. The ringing of quietness in my ears is drowned out by the flooding of quiet peace to where you can hear miles away birds chirping. At this point, natural and I feel connected.

The crackling of leaves as I walk around watching the trees go bear, and colors are scattered that a painters wouldn’t know what to name these new colors. The trails and paths are like a Picasso painting with the leaves and brush that just added for new discoveries and excitement.

One of the best things to do in update new York in the fall is going hiking up in the Adirondack. I haven’t had a chance to experience too much of the fall foliage up in the mountains, but around Columbus Day, the trees start to change and the sensation is starting to brew right in. Check out the link for some Adirondack pictures.


If ever a day of nothing to do, stop off get some Taco Bell or Dunkin and go for a drive, away from school, away from work and continue to drive out. Explore new places, relax with nature and take everything in. Fall season in upstate New York is too beautiful to miss out on.

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