As cold weather rapidly approaches across the United States, Florida is left behind in the heat. Although for the past week the weather has cooperated and been a bit "chilly," I do not feel like I'm experiencing fall when I'm walking to class in 85-degree weather. Growing up in the North, I have experienced snow on Halloween and frozen fall months. When I first moved to Florida, I was not prepared for the hot weather year-round. The other day as I looked out the window, I felt like if I stepped outside it should be cold, but when I opened the door a rush of hot wind hit my face. It may not be feeling like fall in Florida, but I have compiled a list of things to do that will make it feel like the holidays are coming.

1. Light a fall-scented candle.

There is nothing more relaxing than hopping into bed after taking a hot shower and lighting a candle. The fall scents at Bath and Body Works make my room feel so cozy and comfortable. Some of the best fall scents they currently have include Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, and Winter Candy Apple. Those are just a few of my favorites that make it feel a bit more like winter is coming.

2. Have a bonfire.

@positivelyfrugal on Instagram: “✨Happy Halloween! Let today be the day you cast off that which does not serve you. Release the dead from your life. Let. It. Go.✨ . . .…”

At night it has been getting a tad chilly, and having a bonfire is the perfect activity to do during this time of year. Roasting marshmallows with friends and telling campfire stories will never get old. Being in college, it can be difficult to throw a bonfire when most students don't have a backyard, but if there is any possibility that you can have one, I would try.

3. Bake cookies.

All I do around the holidays and winter time is eat, and what is better than eating cookies? Some of my favorites during this time are chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and of course, the Pillsbury holiday sugar cookies. Spend a day with friends baking cookies, you won't regret it.

4. Watch holiday movies.

Whether you decide to watch a Halloween movie such as Hocus Pocus or go for a Christmas movie like "The Polar Express," it will surely put you in the holiday spirit. I know that my favorite holiday movie of all time is "Elf." Will Farrell never ceases to crack me up around the holidays. It is always fun to spend a day binge-watching holiday movies with your friends, and it will make it seem like fall.