The Top 4 Fall Drinks Recipes To Keep You Cozy

I know, personally, I love fall drinks. Apple cider, hot chocolate, everything. Curling up on the couch with a warm drink, a blanket, and candles? I'll be the happiest girl ever. Here are my top 4 drinks for fall.

1. Apple Cider.


Apple cider is great from a bottle, but have you ever tried making it yourself? Not only will you feel very ~adult~ but your home will smell amazing while making this too. This is my favorite recipe from online:

It tastes like fall feels, you know?

2. Hot Chocolate.


This is the best fall to winter staple drink. Spruce it up with peppermint? YES. Add Espresso? YES.

Ok, here's my recipe for the best morning hot chocolate:

1. 1 packet of SwissMiss Hot Chocolate Powder (contains milk).

2. 8oz of Almond Milk.

3. 1 shot of espresso.

4. A TON of mini marshmallows.

That's it! Follow the instructions on the packet of how to heat up, but add a shot of espresso with the milk. It's a really sweet way to start the morning when that autumn wind is kicking up.

3. Mocktail: Mulled Wine


It's exactly what it sounds like: mulled wine without the alcohol. You can 100% have the alcoholic version, that's all you, but for those of you that don't consume alcohol or are underage, I thought I'd give you a tasty option. Check this recipe out:

4. Cranberry Spritz.


With all of these heavy drinks on this list, I thought I'd make your fall a little lighter! I love cranberry juice and sparkling water, so why not mix!

1. 8oz cranberry juice

2. 1 can regular or bran-raspberry laroix

3. 1oz raspberry puree

4. Light ice

5. Mix and serve with a mint sprig!

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