18 'Fall Dates' To Do Whether You're In A Relationship Or Not

18 'Fall Dates' To Do Whether You're In A Relationship Or Not

Because you don't need to be in a relationship to have a good time.

Attention: You do not need a significant other in order to do any of these things.

Today there is so much pressure on people to find that someone special and go do all of these "couple activities" with them. Some people may not believe it, but it is possible to enjoy spending some time by yourself or with a close friend. Alone time and people watching could be your new favorite activity if you give it a chance. Here are some potential ideas:

1. Visit a cider mill.

Make the trip to whichever cider mill is your favorite, small and local or larger and well-known. Walk down the endless rows of trees and pick some apples while you're at it.

2. Get cider and donuts.

Who doesn't love having a fresh glass of cider and warm donuts under a red-orange tree?

3. Go have pumpkin patch adventures!

Going out in the field and picking your own pumpkin beats going to the store any day.

4. Carve/paint pumpkins.

Once you pick the perfect pumpkin, you have to pick the perfect design to display on it.

5. Jump into a leaf pile.

The satisfying crunch as you land on the cushion of colorful leaves is not something you want to miss, no matter how old you are. You have to rake them up anyway, so you might as well have a little fun with it.

6. Take a scenic drive.

Seeing all of the trees turning colors as the crisp fall air rushes through the window gives you a greater appreciation for the world.

7. Take a hayride.

Enjoy sitting on a bale of straw in a wagon pulled by a tractor, wrapped in a cozy blanket, holding a cup of hot cocoa. Where else would you want to be?

8. Go through a corn maze.

Getting lost in the middle of a field gives you time to reflect, run into some dead ends, feel accomplished upon completion, or convinces you to walk straight through the "walls" blocking you in.

9. Go to haunted houses/hayrides/corn mazes.

If you're into being scared, there are many places that host this type of attraction. If you're like me, you'd rather be on the haunted hayride because at least there you know the tractor's going to pull you out of the situation.

10. Go to Oktoberfest.

Take a day to go out on the town, see the festivities, and listen to live music.

11. Get festive drinks.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

12. Create some Fall art.

Go out and take pictures, paint, make fall come alive through different mediums.

13. Go to Art Prize!

There is the annual Art Prize event in Grand Rapids that makes for a great day trip. Explore the city, eat some food, and see how creative people can be!

14. Decorate for Thanksgiving.

Everyone seems to skip right to Christmas these days, so don't forget about this important time to spend with family and friends.

15. Decorate for Halloween.

Get ready to trick-or-treat or just to hand out candy to all the firefighters, witches, and mermaids that knock on your door.

16. Sit down and read a book.

Have a nice cup of tea, a good read, and a fuzzy blanket nearby while you sit in the three seasons room on your day off. Maybe throw a cuddly pet into this equation. It makes for the perfect fall day.

17. Go out and try swing dancing!

Might as well stop by and see what all the hype is since you're in the area. Who doesn't want to put some pep in their step and meet some new people anyway? Get out there and bust a move!

18. Have a bonfire.

Looking up at the stars, feeling the warmth of the fire on your face, and soaking in the silence is a must during the fall.

Yes, it would be fun to go with that special someone, but you can have just as much fun without. If you're uncomfortable going alone, take a friend or family member along to participate in any of the amazing fall activities listed above. Take advantage of the season and appreciate all it has to offer!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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3 Signs You're Overdoing It For A 'Bikini Bod' And Risking Your Actual Body In The Process

Eventually, the repercussions of inadequate self-care catch up with us, and we will always be the underdog on the battlefield for self-love.


Looking in the mirror, a surge of reality overtook her petite body, and her eyes opened for the first time in years to the protrusive bones at all angles of her body. Her relationships were dwindling by a thread, and the hourglass of her life was almost up, yet she continued fighting an impossible battle for an impossible body. How did she allow a seemingly harmless diet escalate into something so drastic? Why was she putting her health on the line for a body that was only seen on billboards and magazine covers?

It's that inevitable time of year when the weather's getting warmer, the birds are chirping, yet your mind has been roaring ever since Target released their bathing suit line in January. Especially during the warmer seasons, everyone wants to look and feel their best, mostly because we can no longer hide that extra "damage" done by Aunt Judy's peanut butter pie in 100-degree weather on the beach.

Having weight loss goals, or any body-related goals for that matter, are true tests of discipline and are certainly rewarding, for both our health and for our self-esteem. However, progress can become addictive, and you could very much start performing a disappearing act if you're not careful and strategic in pursuing your goals.

Particularly to my fellow extremists out there, learn to mend your battle stations wisely if you plan on preparing for the summer season, and don't sacrifice your sanity and your health for a war you'll never win. Here are some signs that you may be overdoing it, or essentially causing more harm than good.

1. You're eating numbers

Not that you literally ate the quadratic formula for breakfast, but you're seeing your food for its numerical value instead of for its sometimes soul-satiating and always body-nourishing means; knowledge is power and counting calories to lose weight is undoubtedly an effective way to track your progress. But not for us extremists. If you have obsessive tendencies, there are more precautions to consider when using this weight loss tool. When the moderate indulgence of a succulent brownie suddenly warps into an off-limits red flag, ringing in your mind: "410 calories, 24 grams of fat and 46 grams of carbs, oh my!" then it's time to step back and reevaluate your plan. Don't let numbers run your life. Food is not the enemy, and you will start becoming your own with this mindset.

2. You've been staying in on the weekends

Your goals for the perfect beach body (as seen, literally, only on TV) just don't involve a night out at the bars, drinking empty calories of alcohol, and, unavoidably, eating pizza. Getting off track for one night makes you anxious. But this will soon start to eat away at you. We are social beings and thrive in social settings. However, no one wants to be around a hangry grouch who's in dire need of many snicker bars.

3. You workout to "earn" and "burn off" your meals

Let's say you did go out one weekend and had more pizza or "off-limit foods" than you would have liked. The next day, your initial thought is to go work everything off, and you begin to form this love-hate relationship with the treadmill, simultaneously with yourself. Instead of allowing fitness to enhance your life, it dangerously starts to consume you. You're not a dog, and do not need to "earn" anything!

So why does self-love always feel like a battlefield?

We forget that long-lasting, high self-esteem stems from the invisible qualities we all have that define us, such as compassion, intelligence, humor, and resilience. Today's media has ingrained an idealistic, nonexistent (except maybe for those who eat cotton balls for breakfast and ice cubes for dinner, no judgments here though!) image in our minds, where women feel pressured to obtain a body seen only on billboards and magazine covers. We fight our bodies past their warning signs of exhaustion, making self-love feel like a battlefield.

I once overdid it.

I viewed food as numbers and for only their effects on my appearance. I had to effortfully rewire my brain to stop associating certain foods as "bad" or detrimental to my physique that I prioritized over every other aspect in my life.

I stayed in every weekend, watching my relationships crumble in a domino effect, while only having enough energy to exercise. There's nothing more mentally consuming, and addictive than looking in the mirror and wanting to become smaller and smaller every day, but this was my reality for a long time, and it started with simple diet intentions for the upcoming summer season.

Be careful with your body goals, because as humans, we always tend to take things too far, and we are not indestructible. Eventually, the repercussions of inadequate self-care catch up with us, and we will always be the underdog on the battlefield for self-love.

If you're still worried about your bikini bod, let's also not forget: One-pieces and high-waisted bottoms are always an option!

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March Madness Is The Best Time Of The Year, Don't @ Me

Nothing is better then 68 college basketball teams playing for National Championship


The best time of the year is in March. March Madness has finally arrived, and as many people have submitted brackets and watching them crumble, many people are watching some of the best basketball that has to offer. Every year, 68 teams compete for one goal: National Championship. Many organizations look favorable to win, but every year you never know what's going to happen. This is where players step up and shine in the big stage, new teams show what they are made of, and the best basketball. These are three reasons why March Madness is the best time of the year.

1. You don't know what will happen

march madness

In the NCAA basketball tournament, you never know what's going to happen. Anything is possible. Many people fill out their brackets and confident thinking this is the best bracket yet, but when games come around and the results come in. You see your bracket crumbles and you lose money. That's what makes it so much fun seeing a 16 seed defeating a 1 seed or a team no would expect to go far, make far in the tournament. It drives you crazy, but you know it's so much fun to watch.

2. Spring time

spring time

This one is a little bit off topic, but when March Madness is on, you know spring is coming. One of my favorite things about around March Madness is that leaves are growing and the weather is getting warmer. Watching basketball for a while and going outside and the weather is gorgeous. As the tournament goes on springtime just keeps getting prettier. Can't help but love the combination of springtime and March Madness.

3. Games and brackets

final four

The best part of the whole March Madness is the games and the brackets. The long hours you put into your many brackets you fill out and finally making the perfect one. Once the games start, everything didn't go to plan. That whats the best, but also the worst knowing that people who don't know much are going to win. Another thing is the games, they are on all the time throughout the first couple weeks of the tournament. The best thing to do is call off school and work and watch the tournament the whole weekend.

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