Everything You Need To Know About Fast Fashion But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Everything You Need To Know About Fast Fashion But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Do you know where your clothes really come from?


You may have seen this term around the internet recently. But what exactly is fast fashion, and what should it mean to you? Look no further for all the details.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is clothing that quickly grabs the hottest fashion trends straight from the runway. Fast fashion clothing brands focus on mass-producing tons of new, on-trend items as rapidly as possible.

What’s the problem with that?

Well, there are a bunch of problems with fast fashion. Let's break it down:
  • Poor Quality- Since fast fashion brands are focused on mass-producing as many clothes as possible, they're not necessarily focusing on the quality of the clothes they produce. Fast fashion clothes may be cheaper, but they certainly won't last you as long as something well-made.
  • Manipulative- Fast fashion clothes are made to be very on-trend, which sounds great, right? Actually, that's part of how they get you. Fast fashion brands know that soon after you buy their trendy clothes, they'll go out of style and you'll buy new ones. It seems great that these clothes are affordable, but the prices don't seem as great if you keep buying new ones every few months.
  • Unsustainable- Fast fashion brands create a whole lot of waste. Not only do their customers throw out their clothes frequently, but large amounts of unpurchased clothes go to waste as well. And where do all these unused clothes actually go? Most of the time, they end up in a landfill in another country. Even if you donate your old clothes to a thrift store, chances are, a lot of them will end up going to waste.
  • Unethical- A lot of fast fashion clothing is made in factories and sweatshops in third world countries that treat workers very poorly. Often times, the employees are forced to endure unsafe working conditions and don't make anything close to living wages.

What are some popular fast fashion brands?

Bad news: chances are, some of your favorite clothing brands are probably fast fashion companies. Some well-known culprits are Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and Topshop. Plenty of other clothing brands also use unethical and unsustainable manufacturing processes.

What can I do about it?

You can stop supporting fast fashion! Instead of going on shopping sprees at fast fashion stores, you can invest in a few high-quality items from ethical and sustainable brands. It may sound daunting, but "slow fashion" clothing items will be well worth your investment. They may be less trendy, but they'll better reflect your personal style. Plus, there's something special about loving and valuing every clothing item in your closet.

Where can I buy slow fashion?

Slow fashion is great, but the prices can get pretty steep. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable ways to shop sustainably! One of the best, tried-and-true ways is to start thrifting. Buying used clothes is a great way to do your part to minimize waste. Plus, it can be really fun! If thrifting doesn't work out for you, consignment shops usually offer a more curated, smaller selection of stylish secondhand clothing.

Thanks to the internet, now you can even thrift without leaving the comfort of your own home! Thrift websites like thredup.com and swap.com make thrifting a lot easier. Individual sellers are also able to create their own online secondhand stores on apps like Depop and Poshmark.

Is there anything else I can do?

Yes! A great way to shop and own clothes more sustainably and ethically is to simply be a little more picky about the clothes you buy and wear. Next time you go shopping (even if it's at a fast fashion store), think a little harder about your purchase. Try using the rule of 3's: will you still want to wear this item in 3 weeks? How about 3 months? 3 years? Ask yourself, how often are you actually going to wear this item? It's always a great idea to be more thoughtful about your purchases.

It can be easy to forget that each of us makes a small impact on this earth, and the individual choices we make can amount to a substantial difference. There are lots of ways we can make an effort to be more sustainable and ethical in our daily lives. Whether you take many of these tips, just one, or if you simply continue researching the topic, you are doing your part to help take care of our world.

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The Best 10 Outfits College Girls Should Wear With Their Birkenstocks



You have probably seen the trend of Birkenstocks on your college campus. They're everywhere.

The other day there was a heatwave in Maine and it was almost 50 degrees in February. And you bet your ass I took my birks (Birkenstocks) out and wore them around campus. I had to take advantage of the sunshine and warm(er) weather. If you're someone who lives in their birks all year round, you will understand what I'm talking about. I think the thing about birks is you can dress them up for an event or dress them down and wear them at the beach or out exploring during summer vacation.

Here are some outfits you have probably seen college girls wearing around campus with their birks day in and day out.

1. The plain tee and ripped jean with birks combo 

I think this is the outfits I see the most with Birkenstocks. I think the cool thing about birks is there are so many different colors, style, and fabric you can pick from. There are so many ways you can style with them.

2. The jean jacket, a dress and birks combo 

Like I said above, the best thing about birks is that you can style with them in so many ways. These metallic ones make this casual outfit fun, and even dressy if that's the occasion.

3. The all black with birks combo 

This is the combo you have probably seen me wearing around campus. When I see a person in all black I think 1. They're fierce af. or 2. Don't get in their way. When you see a college student like this what do you do? You leave them alone.

4. The sweater, leggings, tee and birks combo 

This is one of the combos I see a ton on campus. This is the "wanted to be cozy and look presentable" look.

5. The socks and birks with any outfit combo 

I used to really hate socks with sandals combo for the longest time. Then I realized how cold my toes would get when I wore birks in the fall and then I was like, "I'm just gonna do it" and put socks on with my sandals. Yet with birks, you can wear cozy socks, knitted socks, socks with patterns and it really can make a look.

6. The flannel with birks combo

This is another popular outfit combo I see on campus. The flannel can either be pulled off either cozy or rock n' roll vibes, and is perfect for a cool cloudy day.

7. Sweatpants, tee, and socks combo 

I like to call this look, "you're lucky I came to class" look.

8. Comfy sweater and leggings with birk combos

I like to call this outfit, "leave me to die in the library" starter pack.

9. Long sleeve, bralette, leggings and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for 8 a.m.s where you don't want to get up too early for, but also want to kind of look human and nice for the boy who sits in front of you.

10. Tee, shorts and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for when it's warm on campus or when the school year is almost here! I like to call this outfit the "plain jane" outfit! You could wear this to so many different events of gatherings on campus!

I hope these outfits gave you some ideas for dressing with the Birkenstocks you have already on your feet, or if you're looking into buying a pair of Birkenstocks for yourself! I honestly love my Birkenstocks and maybe you think they're "overrated" but they're honestly my go-to shoe all year round, and they are worth the money.

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Yes, 'Dress For Success' Applies To College Students, Too

We all know it's hard to get up for that 8 a.m., and dressing nice may not be a priority but I feel it's important and a way to bring more success to your life.


I accepted the challenge and put purpose into every outfit I chose over the past week to solidify my reasons for writing the article. I've also taken pictures of each day so that I'm out in the open and no one can call me out. Although I am just a freshman in college this year, I had previously been adopting these mindsets before in high school. My day feels so much more approachable when I am looking good.

First and foremost, putting purpose into the clothes and accessories you choose to wear reflect your personality. Style has been a form of personal expression for decades, and it is a way to show who you are on the inside. By choosing pieces and styling them together, outfit choices can have more meaning to you and reflect your character.

Brooklyn Dillow

If you dress in ways that give you the confidence you can go about your day in a more positive attitude. Something I often tell myself is "although everything seems like it's going wrong, at least I look good." Youtuber Jessica Quirk explains similar points in her Youtube video "Look good, feel good." By looking nicer, it makes you feel more capable of tackling the day. If I were dressed in leggings and a sweatshirt, I might be more easily persuaded to take a nap, instead of doing some much-needed homework. I am more productive due to the confidence I have gained from looking nicer and feeling less "comfy."

Another advantage of putting more effort into outfits chosen to wear to classes would be that compliments are given non-stop. It personally lifts my mood to have someone tell me they like my shirt and makes my day a little better. It's also possible that you might make a first impression with someone. By outwardly making an expression of your personality, others who don't know you can draw conclusions about your character. Even with people that you do know, like professors and peers, it makes an impression. They will give more respect to someone who puts effort into the way that they dress instead of someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed.

Brooklyn Dillow

The philosophy of "dress for success" has been around for a while, and it is an idea that I keep in mind. There was a manual created to help people adopt this into their lives, that encyclopedia.com entails. I like to think that I dress for the job that I want, not the job of a student that I have. I want to make the impressions on others and gain my own confidence daily, and the way that I do that is by putting more effort into the outfits that I choose. If you don't believe me, take the advice from others! ManIntelligence provides studies and examples as to how men are affected by the way they dress. Youtuber Mimi Ikonn explains Why You Should Always Dress Your Best and Heena Somani, another Youtuber, gives her 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Dress Your Best. These two women provide their own personal reasons for why they feel it is important. I gain confidence daily by putting effort into my outfits. Others take notice of what I wear, and it gives me a positive attitude knowing that they see the outward impression that I want them to have. I encourage you to take the same challenge that I did and purposefully chose outfits that are reflective of your personality this week. Take note of the compliments you receive and how it personally makes you feel!

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