If We've Learned Anything From The Notre Dame Tragedy, It's That You Can't Wait To Explore The World

As the entire world continues to mourn the loss of one of the most beautiful places on this earth, it really begins to make me put this crazy life that we live in perspective. We are only given a very short time on this earth. For some reason, it always takes a tragic event like this one to put it all in perspective.

Everything about this life is temporary. From the most breathtaking places to the exciting memories to all those beautiful souls that have come and gone, all of it will come to an end. The places will begin to fall apart. The memories will fade, and the people you thought you would never lose will eventually become memories as well. One day, you will simply be a mark on this world with memories of a life once lived.

Why am I telling you this? At this point, you're probably thinking that I'm a huge pessimist trying to focus on all of the negatives in life, but it's quite the opposite, actually.

You see, there's a big beautiful world filled with amazingly interesting people just waiting to be explored by you.

The only problem is that it won't be waiting forever. In this ever-changing world that we live in today, you can't wait to live. Because while you were sitting around waiting to take the opportunity, someone might be living your adventure without you. It's 2019, and we can barely predict the weather, let alone what any aspect the future holds. If you could travel back in time one week before the Notre Dame tragedy and tell someone what would happen, they would look you directly in the eyes and tell you that you've gone crazy. That's the craziest part about this life we live. Everything is unpredictable.

It's time to grab this unpredictable life by the horns and get ready for the ride. If you didn't before, you now know that we can't count on anything to be here tomorrow, because tomorrow is never promised for anything or anyone. It's time to start living for today. There is so much more to this life we're living than where we are at now, so take that adventure, meet new people, and make amazing memories.

Although it's very unpredictable, this life we get the great opportunity to live is a pretty beautiful one — don't be discouraged or fearful of the future. If you do this, you will get so caught up in your fears and doubts that you won't be able to enjoy the great happiness that this life brings. To those of you that were able to visit Norte Dame, I envy you immensely. To those of us that weren't so lucky, there are still so many beautiful things waiting for us, but they won't be there forever. Go out and explore the world. Live boldly and, most importantly, live a life you love.

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