Experiences Of An Uncertain Future.
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Experiences Of An Uncertain Future.

Now is the time to wake up and be vigilant.

Experiences Of An Uncertain Future.

As the earth turns, life is changing, and a new world is taking shape.
The signs indicate new circumstances beyond human power, and it is only the beginning.

The 2020s are no longer the good old time of the 50s, 60s and 70s. That time is only a fading memory, but something one reminisces with pleasure. Today life is full of the unknown and surprises, and things are becoming difficult and complex.

During the first trimester of 2020, CORONAVIRUS struck and quickly turned into a Pandemic. Then, several things have happened: COVID-19 infections and deaths skyrocketed. What followed were a national lockdown and face mask-wearing; high unemployment and inflation were also some of the issues that the world had confronted.

The year 2021 has seen the continuation of COVID-19 with variants carnage. Biden administration has stepped up a vaccination campaign coupled with travel restrictions and later a federal vaccine mandate for all federal, state, and local government employees, including private companies with personnel of more than 100 employees.

The end of 2021 is no different from the way it began. Nowadays, people are on high alert for both the unknown and surprises. The Pandemic seems to be responsible for any situation that presents itself. For example, a flotilla of loaded cargo ships anchored at U.S. ports cannot dock and unload, partly due to the Pandemic.

Port authorities also claim that the strain on the supply chains is due to COVID-19 and a shortage of employees. What is unclear is that there are always people eager to work if the pay fits the job.

In western countries, especially in the United States, unpredictability today is becoming more the norm than the exception. From time to time, people may be the object of emerging or unforeseen situations.

The federal vaccine mandate in the United States is a clear example. Biden administration has overlooked the risks involved in forcing on people something that should be a personal choice.

This federal mandate is a double-edged sword. It will hurt the core of the American economy and both businesses and employees alike. Once implemented, the law will cause massive loss of jobs. The unemployed will become a burden to society. Businesses, in turn, will be disrupted and unable to operate without a full staff.

So every enterprise will incur a loss of inventory and revenues. Eventually, they will shut down or even file for bankruptcy. The compilation of all these occurrences will also result in billions of dollars in tax deficit to the federal government.

The behavior of the current U.S. administration appears dictatorial. What it will mandate next is everyone's guess. What path the nation or the world will take is unclear. In the meantime, when cancer, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), vascular diseases and others receive as much attention and fanfare as CORONAVIRUS, then the world will be convinced that the Biden administration and the big Pharmaceutical companies mean well in their vaccination effort.

History tends to repeat itself. No one could imagine that WWI in Europe would have made 3 million casualties and that Adolf Hitler would have exterminated 6 million Jews and countless others during WWII. So today is no different, and anything is possible. The future of the world can only be uncertain if we let our guard down. Now is the time to wake up and be vigilant to reverse the wrong course of history.

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