6 Things All Girls Experience During A Haircut

6 Things All Girls Experience During A Haircut

A new 'do' for the new you.

You wake up and look out the window with the sun pouring in. It’s finally spring! The seasons are quickly changing and even though you’ve already been adding new shorts, tops and sandals to your wardrobe for the warm weather, you’re probably bored with your everyday hairstyle. You get out of bed and walk into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, you’re probably wondering why your roommate even lets you walk out of the house on a daily basis with as many split ends as you have. You start to face the truth: you’re due for a new hair style. ASAP.

Since there are endless possibilities for a new cut or color, you pour a cup of coffee and sit down with your laptop and sift through thousands of pictures of Pinterest for your new ‘do’. When you’ve finally found it, you call your favorite hair salon and set the appointment. But from the time you arrive to the salon to the time you get home and can finally play around with your hair the way you want to, you love the experience of getting a haircut.

1. Being in your favorite salon is like being in heaven.

You walk in filled with excitement, ready to show your stylist pictures of what you want to walk out with. Looking around, everything is just like you remembered it: the shiny mirrors, the good smelling hair products and the excitement you feel knowing your hair transformation is about to happen.

2. You only want to see your favorite stylist. No one else. Ever.

You love your stylist because she listens to you and gives you what you want. She knows how to shampoo and comb out the tangles in your hair just right, and she listens to you when you want your hair a little shorter than originally planned. But, she also knows how much you love to talk about your life. Not to mention, you love hearing about her life, too. You might not go out for dinner and drinks like your other friends, but sitting in her styling chair watching her transform your mess of curls into something socially acceptable is just as good.

3. You love your hair being styled by someone else.

When your stylist is done cutting away at your locks, you already know how you want her to style your hair. A blow dry and curls, please! You have to wake up every morning and do your hair yourself, so you might as well ask for what you want while you have the chance. Plus, it feels glamorous.

4. The anticipation of seeing your new do is torture.

While your stylist is blow drying your hair, each minute passes more slowly than the last. You just can’t wait to see what your hair looks like. Although you have a pretty good idea, you still pretend like you don’t know and jitter in your chair until the moment of truth comes.

5. The moment of truth.

Here it is! The moment has come when your stylist will swivel the chair around to the mirror and you can stare at your reflection and run your hands through your hair for the first time since walking in the door. You will either love or hate your new hair, but assuming you will love it, you thank your stylist and smile from ear to ear feeling like a model when you walk out the door.

6. You feel like a million bucks.

You swear on all that is holy you will want to keep this new style for the rest of your life, even though deep down inside you know you will become restless with your hair soon enough. But in the meantime, you strut around feeling like a model. Work it.

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To The Girls Who Wish They Had Big Boobs, You Shouldn't Envy Us

Enjoy sleeping on your stomach with your cute toothpaste-free bralettes.

Most people want to have big boobs. People think that big boobs are a good thing to have. However, anyone with big boobs will tell you that is not true. Big boobs are such a pain to have to deal with.

1. The constant back pain.

With big boobs, comes back pain. The weight of your boobs not only will throw you off balance but also cause your back to ache almost all of the time.

2. You can’t sleep on your stomach.

When your back hurts from your boobs being too big, all you want to do is lie down. You won't be laying on your stomach though.

Big boobs make it impossible to sleep on your stomach because it is very uncomfortable for your boobs to be squished down and all your weight on top of them.

3. They are always in your face.

When you are laying down or bending over, your boobs are right in your face. You have to try and push them down so that you can see. Oh, and good luck ever wanting to see your feet when you look down.

4. You can’t find bras.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual $9.99 sale? Good luck finding a bra that is in your size. Not many people are 32DDD so they are never there. When you do actually find a bra your size, you will definitely be paying more than $9.99.

5. Wearing two sports bras is the normal.

If you want to attempt to control the big boobs, wearing two sports bras is a good idea. Two bras help to keep them down and controlled.

6. Running and stairs are never fun.

If you think you can go running or go downstairs with big boobs, you're wrong. It is impossible to run or go downstairs without your boobs bouncing, hitting you in the face, or hurting.

7. You will always wind up finding food.

When you realize you can’t run, you eat. When you eat, there is definitely going to be food that falls down and lands on your boobs.

You will without a doubt find food in your bra when you take it off at the end of the day. At least you don't make a mess in your kitchen, eating.

8. Toothpaste is not your friend.

Of course, you want to have good dental hygiene. However, when you spit your toothpaste after brushing, it is probably going to end up on your shirt. Your boobs just get in the way and the toothpaste lands on them instead of in the sink.

9. It is near to impossible to find swimsuits that actually fit.

IT IS SO HARD TO FIND SWIMSUITS! Finding swimsuits might possibly be the most annoying thing in the world. There is never enough material to cover your boobs or give them support.

10. They are not fashionable.

Big boobs make fashion hard. You can’t wear bralettes. It just can’t happen. Your boobs will not cooperate with them at all. Wearing a button-down shirt is also not an option because your boobs pop the buttons open.

If you want to be able to wear cute clothes without looking like you're trying to show everything off, don't have big boobs.

Once you have big boobs, you will wish you had smaller ones so that you do not have to deal with ten annoying struggles every day. Enjoy sleeping on your stomach with your cute toothpaste-free bralettes.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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The Revolution of Crocs: The Best Ugly Shoes There Ever Was


Admittedly, world fashion is hard to fathom at certain times and this is surely one of those times. The rubberized shoe that took the world by storm suddenly has become a staple on college campuses across the nation. And yes, has even hit the runway - bringing a fresh perspective on what it means to be comfortable. That’s right, we’re talking about Crocs!

Crocs have been around since 2002 and were originally marketed as a boating shoe staple and later, in 2006, the company obtained a patent that prohibited any other companies from developing a shoe with their similar breathable technology. Of course, as it’s true for any good idea, there were some unoriginal creations of shoes that strikingly resembled the famous Croc style.

Strategically, the Croc company set out to market these shoes as comfortable footwear suitable for almost any occasion! Whether you are throwing on a pair of shoes to run to go get groceries, or spending a day at the beach, Crocs will definitely bring your the comfort and convience you desire.

Now, you may be thinking, what on earth made this silly looking shoe go global? No one really knows. The Croc Craziness has stemmed from several different outlets that have opened doors for self expression.

via">https://giphy.com/gifs/statechamps-crocs-state-cha... GIPHY

Let's be real, people rave over whatever they can get their hands on just so that they have something to rave about... even I am guilty! But sporting this style has quickly become a status symbol, not only about ones lack of care to go against the flow, but being a trendsetter at large.

The recent Croc runway debut attest to this! Check out some of the photos that perfectly represent how the footwear is versatile and unique. For Heavens sake, this is a Balenciaga, high fashion, runway show! I think it's safe to say that Crocs have officially transcended all boundaries.

It does not stop here! Crocs have taken over college campuses across the globe - no lie. They're even being lumped in with famous leisure brands like Chaco, Uggs, Rainbows and more. Is part of it due to convenience? I suppose, but people are wearing them, and that can be credited to both great marketing and good timing (and some luck, of course.)

Just recently, the Croc company has been in a lawsuit over their infamous patent. Viewers wonder why they are willing to fight so hard to maintain the integrity of their 'ugly brand', and with still no answer from the CEO, Andrew Reese, I think it is safe to say we won't be getting one.

The point here is, this famous footwear is not going away anytime soon. Are you on board the Croc revolution? Get onboard! Don't miss out.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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