My Experience In Georgia
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My Experience In Georgia

Traveling anywhere always leaves some kind of residual culture shock, right?

My Experience In Georgia
Sabrina Cuevas

So for the start of my summer I decided to spend some time in Douglasville, Georgia which is a suburb east of Atlanta. Being from New Orleans, visiting a real suburb is always interesting. Here's a list of things that I found to be strikingly different.

1. Where the heck is my Puccinos?

I have never stopped for a moment to consider that my favorite Italian themed coffee doesn’t exist outside the New Orleans area. And okay, fine, I'll live without Puccino's, but then where is my PJ's? Are they hiding because I know they gotta be somewhere.

It was such a pain to see that the only coffee shop out here is Starbucks. I mean, what if I want soft serve with my whipped cream and frozen coffee? I want my dessert drink to be fully loaded thank you very much. And what if I want my cup of black coffee from PJ's? Is my only other option would to make it myself???? What?? No.

2. This seafood, man. It's just not the same.

Atlanta is pretty inland and Douglasville is even more inland than that, so there’s a good distance between the city and any body of water, making seafood in this part of Georgia questionable in my book. When you get so used to all the water surrounding New Orleans and that ever-present smell of fresh-caught fish, you just know the difference between the real deal and the imitation.

3. There are chains EVERYWHERE

Chain restaurants here are so common its a shock to see a local or family owned place. But I must admit that the variety of chains is impressive. Some places I know from home, like Carrabas and 5 Guys. But I’m pretty darn sure we don’t have a Johnny Rockets or a Shane’s Rib Shack, a Hungry Howie's or a Taco Mac, to name a few of the resturaunts previously unknown to me.


One of the positive side about all these chains in Douglasville is the existence of this beautiful 50’s themed steak and burger place called Steak N’ Shake. Here, I may feast upon any burger of my choosing while quenching my thirst with a savory milk based frozen drink known as the noble milkshake. Even as lactose intolerant as I am, I would sacrifice for this place any day.

5. The scenery in Douglasville

This town is set in a beautiful area surrounded by hills, forests, creeks, and so many trees that tower above you like majestic giants. Being here is almost magical and you can tell from taking a deep breath of fresh summer air. Then jwait until the sun sets and the sky turns a deep purple that makes you stop for the moment and thing, wow, you just fall in love with that natural beauty. There’s a sense of peace here that lets you rest easy as one day pours into another.

6. The Homesickness for New Orleans

Despite my new-found love for this little town in Georgia, I couldn't help but think of my home. New Orleans has a magic of its own. Its constantly lively, vibrant, and has this strong sense of freedom that makes it almost magnetic.

New Orleans will sing to you late at night, with a melody that you whistle when you’re alone, muddling through those humid nights, and random thoughts creep back to you, reminding you of things you thought you had lost. The city is like an antique clock, with its old spanish and french buildings that are so close you wonder how they don’t start bickering, yet so beautiful that you still stop to watch in case they decide to stare at you back. And if you go for comfort in those lazy oaks that grow as they please where ever they please, then take a second to look to the river that flows without end through the city, you get the feeling that things will always be fine. That is love, and I know that regardless how far I go, I will love this city. My time in Georgia helped remind me of this.

I enjoyed my time in just-outside-Atlanta, and if anyone were to ask if they should visit, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

But, you know, sometimes there's just no place like home

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