Exotic Cats You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Exotic Cats You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Every cat lady's dream.

Being a huge cat lover, I know way too much about cats and I can distinguish between different types and breeds. There are way more cats out there than you may think! These are just a few of the cats that would be rare to see at a friend's house or a shelter. Usually to be an owner of one of these unique cats, you have to be willing to pay a hefty price and go through a long, extensive search to find the perfect one, you can pretty much only buy these cats straight from a breeder. If you are spending this much money on a cat you want it to be perfect! Which means finding the right, experienced breeder and making sure the cat looks and acts how it's meant to before bringing it home. What's the point of even having these cats and paying so much money when you can just rescue one? Well, there really isn't a point except to be seen as a legitimate, crazy, cat owner. If you're like me and you love cats, you'll love these cat breeds!


These adorable cats are like little pocket leopards. Their beautiful coats make them look like a small big cat. These cats can be expensive if you by one full pure bred, but they've been around long enough to find them in shelters or to be less expensive if they are further removed from their purebred line.


The Toyger cat is a newer cat. For the past 10 years breeders have been trying to perfect the Toyger's look, It is bred to be a cross between a normal house cat and a lion, very cool! Not until the past few years have the breeders made them available to buy. These cats really do look like mini tigers, but they also look like their relatives,the tabbies. Unlike the normal cat, Toyers have rounder ears.

Savannah Cat

Savannah cats are super unique, not many people know about them. Savannah cats are larger than the traditional house cat, they are the size of a small to medium dog. These cats love water and literally look like wild cats that are living in your home.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau looks like a glorified tabby cat, however, they're bigger than normal cats and have more spotted fur rather than striped fur. These cats live longer than most.


Abyssinian cats have beautiful, ticked fur. These athletic cats love to climb and love heights. They're also very playful and look like short-hair Somali Cats.

Somali Cat

The Somali Cat looks like a mix between a cat and a fox. Though their color is similar to that of the Abyssinian, their fluffy foxy tails set them apart. These cats have thicker coats than a normal domestic cat does, they are relatives of the Abyssinian cats just with longer hair. I mean just look at that fluffy tail!

As you can see, all these cats are unique and adorable! You'll probably never see them in person in your life so if you do, at least now you'll know what to expect. These exotic cats are true, cat lady's dream come true. But, we love all cats no matter what their backgrounds are, where they come from, or how much money they may cost.

Cover Image Credit: imagejuicy.com

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10 Purrfect Reasons You Should Go To A Cat Cafe, Catisfaction Guaranteed

Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about visiting a cat cafe.


I, by no means, wish to ever be a crazy cat lady.

I can't imagine living alone in my seventies and being surrounded by a sea of cats and their meows for attention.

But, I would certainly love to have my own cat someday!

If it wasn't against our dorm policy, my roommate Kylee and I would've adopted a kitten by now.

So what better place for us to visit on a slow Saturday than a CAT CAFE?

On Saturday, Kylee and I drove to the Blue Cat Cafe (it's in Austin, TX) and had a great time! Here's a quick list of our experience and things to look for when you visit.

1. You’re not allowed to pick up the cats, but you can take pictures with them

Bryanne Sanchez

So much for a cute picture, am I right?! As you can see, I look awkward in nearly every picture because I had to STAND next to each cat.

2. The cafe had KITTENS!

Bryanne Sanchez

Much to our surprise, there were two kittens that were about a month old! One was super playful and the other was curled up asleep on a nearby couch. To say they were adorable would be an understatement.

3. You can take home any of the cats. 

If you make a new feline friend, he/she can be yours for $99. You'll be able to spend plenty of time with cats of different personality types to see which one is your favorite!

4. The cats have sweet temperaments. 

Bryanne Sanchez

All of the cats have been adopted from the nearby Humane Society. The cafe partners with the Humane Society to choose the friendliest and most lovable cats of the group, and it was obvious they had chosen right!

5. The cafe is structured as a giant cat playground.


If cat heaven existed, this would be it! There were cat trees, cat toys, fuzzy blankets, and makeshift branches for the cats to jump and run on.

6. All of the cats are living their best life! 

Bryanne Sanchez

The cats were free to play with any of the guests, take a snooze by the window, or walk around on the vines above. They were getting plenty of attention and still had time to take plenty of cat naps. Plus, their food bowls were all full!

7. There were no litter boxes in sight. 


The owners were smart to place the cats' litter boxes in a separate room. The cafe was spotless and clean the entire time we stayed!

8. The cat cafe had an extensive menu. 


All food is kept and prepared inside of a food trailer that is located in front of the cafe. There's a vast selection of sandwiches and drinks to choose from, and the names of the items are too clever! The Blue Cat Specialties include "Peppurrmint Mocha" and "Caramel Meowcchiato."

9. Invite a friend! Everything's better with your BFF!

Bryanne Sanchez

Kylee and I both love cats, so this experience was 100 times more fun with her by my side! Bring a friend so you can both fight over who you think is the cutest cat while giving each of the cats a funny name.

10. Catisfaction guaranteed!

Bryanne Sanchez

Taking a day trip to Austin to visit this cat cafe was an adventure I'll treasure for a lifetime! If you ever have the chance to stop by, it's a unique experience that you won't want to miss out on!

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