Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Fashion Designing Courses!
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Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Fashion Designing Courses!

Fashion designing isn’t just about art now– it has expanded into a vast industry. And therefore, there is a lot you can learn from different types of fashion designing courses!

Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Fashion Designing Courses!

Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves runway shows and see yourself running a top-notch boutique like Eleanor Waldorf– or perhaps like someone as real as Vera Wang?

If yes, then you need to get hustling baby, because the industry has changed into such a diverse one that one needs to learn every aspect of it to be successful and beat the never-ending competition. There are a variety of different fashion designing courses that you can choose from and learn everything about the new era of fashion!

Fashion Designing Courses

These 4 are the top-rated fashion courses and you can become the next Gucci if you learn just even a bit from each of them!

Fashion Industry Essentials

This course from Parson’s New School and Teen Vogue is the epitome of the fashion industry. As the name suggests, this course teaches you all about the history of fashion, how the industry operates, how mockups are made, and how the main manufacturing is done.

You will get video lessons recorded by esteemed faculty and prominent business leaders, a bunch of fun activities and assignments, and one final submission of your portfolio which will contain all the pieces from your assignments! All the modules are super fun and informational and will help you immensely in the fashion world!

Sneaker Essentials

This course is also by Parson’s New School in collaboration with COMPLEX. This course tells you everything you need to know about streetwear– from designing to selling, this course is packed with valuable lessons and activities that will make you the next diva of streetwear collection!

Footwear Business Foundations

This course features some of the experts and the faculty of the Fashion Institute of Technology who hone your skills in running not only a business but a footwear business.

This comes fully packed with valuable information on how to get success in a footwear company and tells you everything you need to know about the industry!

Designing The Collection

This course by FIDM is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about designing a fashion line– from identifying the need for a collection to inspirations to how to sell a successful fashion collection, this course offers you immense knowledge of designing a collection!

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