Hey, you,

Listen to me. Everything is going to be OK. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually everything is going to fall into place.

I know when you read that, you were thinking somewhere along lines of something like this: No, it doesn't get better. It's so easy for you to say. You do not even know what is going in my life. Nothing ever gets better, it just gets worse. I'm done. I give up.

I understand. I get you. And that is exactly why you need to listen to me.

I know nothing seems right at the moment. And these moments repeat a lot, they might repeat at night or even multiple times in a day. And, these moments feel like the end of the world. You think that you're always going to feel this way forever. But, that is not true.

I know a few hours ago or yesterday you had a smile on your face. I don't care for how long, all it matters is that you did. A genuine smile. Not one that you faked because everyone else had one on. But one that was genuinely formed due to a positive emotion. And you know what that means? It means that you were happy at that moment.

I know that moment was just a small part of your day. And you only remember it because I told you to think about it right now. In general, all you remember is the time you spent crying or thinking about not wanting to be here or finding some kind of escape. You let those thoughts take over your mind, and that makes you forget all the good moments.

Take a minute and think about some good times. Here are some ideas:

When someone said I love you to you

When you laughed cause someone did or said something or even if it was just a funny Instagram video

When you hung out with your friends and/or significant other

When someone hugged you so tight you felt your organs move around

Anything that made a smile appear on your face

See, there are plenty of times in your life where you felt happy. Even for those small moments. So I want you to do me a favor. Every time you have any kinds of negative thoughts and you feel that your world is falling apart, just think of something positive in your life. Think about how happy it made you and how wonderful it would be to have the moment again. Not only will this make you look forward to something, but also it will show you the beautiful moments in your life. These moments will reoccur and you will smile again. Your heart will be warm and fuzzy from happiness. You got to keep yourself strong.

Also, whatever it is that is making you so upset will go away one day. I don't know when that one day will be, but it will come. You will find your escape and you'll be able to smile for even a longer time. Remember that everything is going to be OK. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually everything is going to fall into place.