Why Everyone Needs To Listen To J. Cole At Least Once

Why Everyone Needs To Listen To J. Cole At Least Once

J. Cole's music can really change a person's life.

There is no secret that I am a huge J. Cole fan and love all of his work, past and present. As I was trying to figure out what to write about for this week, I stopped and looked at my first J. Cole CD. Then it hit me. I'll write about one of my biggest inspirations and give a few reasons why everyone needs to listen to J. Cole at least once. You don't have to become a fan, but giving him a listen won't hurt.

J. Cole's music is the best music for when you wanna think deep. I have a Spotify playlist that I listen to when I need to write or work on homework. And J. Cole encompasses a lot of the playlist because his flow is just mellow. I don't always want to listen to rap music and feel like I need to get up and bounce around.

Great rap music can have you think about life and Cole does this best for me in the song "4 Your Eyez Only". And yes, the "eyez" is supposed to be spelled with a "z." This song is about a character that is seen throughout Cole's album, "4 Your Eyez Only," and it is in a letter to a little girl named Nina from her deceased father.

Cole raps the letter to the little girl and it has a tone that is depressing but catches the audience's attention. In the final verse, Cole switches into his own words and tells the little girl about her father, "your daddy was a real n****, not 'cause he was hard. Not because he lived a life of crime and sat behind some bars. Not because he screamed, 'F*** the law.' Although that was true. Your daddy was a real n**** cause he loved you." This part of the song is such a hit in the stomach that you can't just listen to it and not feel something. Cole can just tap into the emotions of the audience and deliver amazing bars.

Besides Cole being a go-to when it comes to deep thinkers, he is just a great lyricist. One of my favorite lines that makes me laugh is when J. Cole is guest featured on Janet Jackson's song "No Sleep". Cole raps, "But too scared to say cause we know how this seems. Thinking, maybe we'd be better off friends with benefits." Cole is just having a good time and rapping about love and friendship with comedy. Another song that I know people are familiar with is his hit single, "Work Out". In this song, Cole is having fun with saying him and this girl should get together and "work out." This is one of his most mainstream songs and not a personal favorite of mine, but I still love his work.

If you want to be a deep thinker, but you want a banger as well. Then Cole is the go-to for that type of music as well. So is Kendrick Lamar, but we aren't going to talk about him today.

Cole is featured in the song with his fellow Dreamville artist, Bas. In "My N**** Just Made Bail", we see both Bas and Cole giving us bars that make you want to chill with friends and have a few beers. But, Cole being Cole has to always sneak in a conscience line somewhere in the song. He says, "This is for my new chick tryin' get fit, say she too thick. Ain't no such thing as too thick, what you wanna be a toothpick?" Here Cole is talking about body image and how women shouldn't try to conform to the public's idea of sexy. Cole doesn't mind the thick girls. He also does this in "Crooked Smile".

"And they all look like my eyebrows: thick as hell. Love yourself, girl, or nobody will. Though you a woman I don't know how you deal. With all the pressure to look impressive and go out in heels." This whole song shows Cole's compassion towards women and the struggles that they face in this society that is unappreciative of our women.

For my first article for The Odyssey, I wrote on how I view Cole as hip hop's MLK. This is yet another reason why everyone should listen to Cole at least once. He gives us songs that are nothing short of a masterpiece. And I know that me being a huge fan seems that I am being biased. Well, I may be biased towards Cole, but hip-hop fans have to admit that even though Cole doesn't top the charts like the Migos, Drake, Future or Kendrick Lamar, he is still one of the best in the game. One of Cole's shortest songs, "Want You to Fly", is one of my favorites and I will end the article with it.

"God is real and he using me for a bigger purpose. So, f*** the world that would have thought that a n**** worthless. Sometimes I think that these verses can help a person way more than the ones they readin' in churches on days of worship. No disrespect to the Lord and Savior, that ain't just ego. I just observe that them words no longer relate to people. Cause modern times be flooded with dollar signs."

Those lyrics speak to me so well that I find it extremely hard to not listen to this song at least four or five times in a row. He talks about the impact of religion in our world today. He tackles the problems of modern times and hits every word with emphasis and proves that he does not care about the fame or money. He is concerned with making sure humanity, especially those who people forget about it, have a chance to fly and succeed in life.

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If this is the first you're hearing of them, "Sleeping With Sirens" is a rock band from Orlando, Florida. Formed in 2009, they've produced five studio albums and have taken the countryand world by storm ever since. With their incredible sound and astounding lyrics, it's no surprise that they've caught the attention of artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, "Pierce The Veil" and even "One Ok Rock" to collaborate for killer singles.

With Kellin Quinn's unique vocal range and the band's style, songs will easily find their way to get stuck in your head. Their songs aren't just enjoyable to the earthey're pleasing to the soul. Lyrics dig deep to bring you to new heights and explore what you're feeling, and even discover something about yourself.

They dive in to the shipwreck and aren't afraid to bring light to the darkness. Not only that, the band gives a sense of belonging to anyone listening. Its like their songs give you an exclusive invite.

Here are seven songs that will bring you to new heights:

1. Cheers

A perfect anthem to blast. We may march to beats of a different drums, but the beat of this song is killer. The fact that they're in NYC for this video makes everything even better.

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Some days feel like a swift kick to the face. I can't think of a better song to rise above it all with on those days.

3. Fly

"Can we fly, can we fly away?"

4. The Strays

The instrumentals here give a magical touch to perfectly blend with the uplifting lyrics.

5. Legends

A perfect reminder that we can be anything we choose. "We could be legends after all."

6. Do It Now, Remember It Later

The song aside, I love everything about this video from "Werd" news to the band swimming after eating donuts. The song ain't bad either. But seriously, it's a great reminder that you're in control of your life and you can't let negativity drown you.

7. Roger Rabit

This is one of my favorites to listen to at the end of the day. While it's on the melancholy side, it reflects on our growth as people and most importantly our journey in loving ourselves.

Cover Image Credit: Kell-c Gillette

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13 Types Of People On Your Campus, As Characters From "The Office"

Because who hasn't met a few Angela's in their life?

Having recently completed my first semester at UNC-Chapel Hill, I've met a plethora of people–all of whom are slightly different in the ways they deal with college life. In fact, I could probably base almost every person off of a character from the beloved show, "The Office." Because who hasn't met a few Angela's in their life?

1. The Try-Hard: Dwight Schrute

Dwight is always trying to impress Michael, acting as one of his most loyal "friends." On many accounts, he's tried to save Michael's reputation or even his life, by means of some faulty plan that never actually goes accordingly. Thus, Dwight is a blatant suck-up that wants credit, fame or just pure admiration from his boss to get a leg up to the top - a classic description of a college try-hard.

2. The Party Animal: Meredith Palmer

Meredith is definitely the party-goer. You'll find her going out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, leaving her just barely hungover enough to get a whiff of her alcohol as she arrives late to her 8 a.m. class on Monday. She's always down for a good time and enjoys spending it with just about anyone, really.

3. The Drama Queen: Kelly Kapoor

Kelly is probably one of the first friends you'll make at the beginning of the semester before it all goes downhill. You might have eaten lunch together and even had a couple classes with her. You thought she was chill until she started bringing up the drama with her ex-boyfriend or that "snooty girl in physics," and for no apparent reason.

4. Your Best Friend: Pam Beesly

Ah, Pam. How reliable and kind-hearted. She'll always be there for you, through thick and thin. You have so many wonderful memories together. You may not meet her until later on in your college career, but your Pam Beesly is out there, somewhere.

5. The Legacy Child/Rich Kid: Andy Bernard

Let's face it. Andy wouldn't have gotten into the school if his father hadn't donated an entire building. He never studies, is always out partying, and just doesn't care enough about college either way. However, he takes great pride in his alma mater and will diss anyone who tries to mock it.

6. The Creep: Creed Bratton

*SPOILER ALERT* Creed's name isn't even Creed. He's the guy you don't know much about, even though you see him everywhere. He rarely shows up for class and when he does, he's never paying attention and acts like he's in his own little world.

7. The Hot-Shot Douchebag: Ryan Howard

He's attractive and in one of the most popular fraternities on campus - but don't let looks deceive you. Ryan's also a mansplainer and has definitely cheated on a girlfriend or two. He always has ulterior motives and knows what it takes to get to the top...and then lose it all. Yes, he might make it big someday, but he'll form a lot of beef with other students in the process.

8. The Wise Upperclassman: Phyllis Vance

Phyllis is that one student, usually an upperclassman, that seems to have her whole life together. She might not speak out that often, but when she does, she drops some bomb-ass advice that makes you stop and think about how you're doing college completely wrong.

9. The Campus Celebrity: Jim Halpert

It's difficult to not like Jim. He's smart, attractive, and downright hilarious. You'll feel blessed to even bask in the presence of this so-called celebrity, whether this person is a sports-ball superstar or a meme. I mean, Michael Scott even joked that Jim played basketball for the North Carolina Tarheels at one point so I rest my case.

10. The "Cool" Professor: Michael Scott

Michael Scott is the professor who shows up to class wearing an "Up Dog" t-shirt and baggy jeans that could never possibly work on him. But he does so anyway because he's ~cool~ and ~hip~ and wants to fit in with the student population. I mean, that's why I think he took such an interest in Ryan Howard. He assigns little homework and when he does, it's to "make a music video about your favorite food."

11. The Type-A Student: Angela Martin

Almost everyone gets on Angela's nerves. She's rarely satisfied with her grades and most likely spends a lot of her time cooped up in the library or her dorm room because (shh, don't tell anyone) she hides her cat there. She's also the one person in a group project that probably criticizes everyone else's work despite her minimal contributions.

12. The Food Junkie: Kevin Malone

This guy knows about the next event on campus that'll have free food. He takes his meals seriously and finds enjoyment in sticking by the snack table at parties. Kevin Malone is honestly every single college student at heart.

13. The Anti-Social: Toby Flenderson

Poor, poor Toby. He doesn't have many friends and somehow always gets the short end of the stick, if you know what I mean. He tries to get along with others, but he comes off as slightly awkward or boring. Nevertheless, he's not alone. There's probably some point during the semester when we feel like Toby and just want some love and affection.

There's no escaping the various personalities you will experience during your time at college. It's a part of life and there'll be plenty more in the real world. So, you might as well make the most of it and take it all in. Who knows, maybe at the end of the semester you'll have a laugh at all the crazy memories as if you were watching your favorite episode of "The Office."

Cover Image Credit: TuneFind

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