If you work in healthcare you have got to have especially thick skin and a huge heart. You deal with sweat, blood, bile, and tears, and you do it with a smile on your face. You have to be able to put yourself in your patients' shoes and be the most compassionate and caring individual you can be.

1. When someone asks you how your day went.

2. When your dementia patient who can't remember her own name starts telling you vivid childhood memories.


3. When a patient walks up to the nurse's station and gets told she already had her meds.

4. When you come out of a difficult patients room with no issues.

5. When you and your coworker are trying to communicate to each other about a patient while you're in their room.

6.When a patient curses you out while you're in the middle of giving them care, but then starting thanking you after it's over.

7. When a patient calls you into their room to ask if they can have the medicine you gave them five minutes ago.

8.When you turn around and one of your patients is standing right behind you.

9.When you walk in on a major code brown.

10. When your patient who's in a power chair comes wheeling down the hall with no regard for their surroundings.

11. When it's shift change and the other Nurses are telling you how their day went.

12. When one of your confused patients walks into the hall without their clothes on.

13. When you're working night shift and start hearing noises coming from a room that no one is in.

14. When someones bodily fluids accidentally touch your skin.

15. When you ask your new patient what their pain level is currently at.

16. When your shift is over and someone asks you to do something for them.

17. When you're showing the new person around the building and make a stop in the break room.

18. When you're walking into a patients room to drop something off but you don't want to wake them up.

19. When you're trying to get your charting done but the computer keeps freezing.

20. When you walk into a patients room and they're already being rude to you before you even speak.

21. When one patient has rung their call button 20 times in an hour.

22. When it's time to wake your patient up in the morning and they don't want to get out of bed.

23.When someone finally says thank you for the hard ass work you put in every day.

You also need to keep a sense of humor, because if you don't the sad things you encounter every day will get the best of you. There are a lot of sad times in this line of work, which makes the good ones that much more memorable.