If you've ever seen American Horror Story you know that they deal with a lot of controversial topics that make for some interesting TV. One of the main reasons for the show massive popularity is the fact its seasons all come with a different storyline. It's wonderful to see the actors we know and love portray new characters. The anthology has had it's ups and downs in the ways of storytelling though. While some of the seasons are fantastic to the core, others leave you with a sense you're missing something. This is my personal opinion of the seasons ranked from the worst to the best.

1. Roanoke

    I was honestly more excited about this season than any prior. I was enthralled by the show at the time, and the teasers they put out for it just left me wanting more. It was a great idea for them to withhold the title of the season because it really worked to keep you guessing. The season didn't live up to its expectation though, and fell short of everything I'd hoped for it. The best part of the season was the 6th episode which had some amazing parts (Kathy Bates wielding a meat cleaver.) That spectacular sight still didn't save it from being my most hated season. It seemed like very little effort was put into the story itself.

    2. Cult

      Cult had some parts I loved, and some parts that made me cringe. I think the main reason for it being a flop was the fact our current government is already becoming a horror story. We have to see politics every day on the news, it is not what we want to see when we're relaxing and watching our favorite show. I did love the fact they brought Billie Lourd onto the cast. I've been a huge fan of hers since seeing her in Scream Queens, and was excited to see what she would do in AHS. She was one of my favorite characters, while I spent most of the season wishing they would kill off Evan Peters for a change.


      I've always been a fan of the circus, so I loved the concept of Freakshow. I tried really hard to get into the characters back stories and the main theme of the season, but I couldn't keep up everything they tried to pack in each episode. It was a headache. They tried to do much, and it ended up ruining the basis of the season. The idea of twisty was probably the best part because it tugged at my heartstrings. I just wished they could have condensed some of the side stories to make it easier to follow.

      4. Murder House

        I know I'll get a lot of mixed opinions on this one. A majority of the people I know who watch AHS say Murder House is hands down the best season. I believe a good part of that has to do with Tate. Murder House had some of the greatest plot twists out of any season, but the main reason I didn't put it higher on the list was the fact Bens character made me insane. I hate cheaters, and watching him be such an ass made it that much worse.

        5. Asylum

        Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm obsessed with asylums. I use to be one of the most frequent visitors to the abandoned asylum in my town. It's a weird quirk, but one I wear with pride. That's what made this season speak to me so much. I found it to have to best character development out of any season. It talked a lot about real issues such as segregation and the oppression of the LGBTQ community. The main character Lana is a journalist, which is actually a slight reference to one of my favorite stories of early journalism. A young female reporter went undercover in an asylum to bring awareness to the treatment of the patients. She almost went mad herself from the horrible conditions she was kept in while there. She is seen as a hero in the mental health community for her work to shed a light on the issue, and I think that makes this story that much cooler.

        6. Coven

          This season really embodies womans empowerment and standing together in the face of adversity. The historical background they included just makes it that much better. It tells a lot about the culture of New Orleans in the 1800's, the history of witchcraft, as well as the horrors of slavery. One of the most satisfying things to watch in Coven is a racist really get put in their place. Besides the woman's empowerment, it also does a good job to talk about racial and religious profiling and how we need to learn from our past mistakes in history. It's one of the only seasons I can watch over and over without getting sick of.

          7. Hotel

          Hotel blew me away, and I had very low expectations for it to begin with. The first episode made me feel as if the season wasn't going to amount to much, I didn't resonate with any of the characters, and I felt like the idea of a cop drama was very overdone. I had never been more wrong about a show in my life. I'm glad I continued to watch because the season quickly became my favorite. The imagery of the hotel combined with the masterful soundtrack had me in my feelings. Lady Gaga did a spectacular job as The Countess, not only was she a great actress but her outfits were beautiful. All the characters in Hotel made me enthralled by the season, and it made me truly sad when it ended.

          American Horror story is a show I've watched for years. It's been one of the only shows I watch religiously. I truly hope the last couple seasons aren't a refection of AHS's future, or that might quickly change. These are all just my opinions though.