When you wake up in the morning you have no idea what you might face in the day. Everyday is a winding road.

Your day may start out by you hearing the alarm, letting out a huge sigh, not wanting to move, shutting off the alarm, hitting the snooze button 27 times and then finally dragging your ass out of bed. Your day may not start out like that. It may start out with you reaching across to wherever your alarm, cell phone, or whatever method you use to wake you up is and falling out of bed. You may wind up with a broken arm, a broken leg, or for all purposes, you may break your ass when you hit the floor.

Everyday is a winding road.

No one has any idea how their day is going to start. It may start at 2 in the morning with the house on fire. It may start at 4 in the morning with your cat or dog dying. It may start with a huge domestic abuse fight next door at your trashy neighbor's house. It may even start with you having to get up in the middle of the night to go pee and not being able to get your ass back to sleep. You have no idea what may happen to start the day.

Your day may start simple, it may start hard, it may start easy, or you may be dead and it may not start at all. It's just a fact of truth. You don't know what to expect. When you go to bed at night on a Monday or a Saturday, you may not ever wake up. So make the last day you're alive the best you can make it. Because you may not see another one.

Everyday is a winding road.

When you do wake up (considering you actually do) and finally drag your ass out of bed, your morning may start with feeding the pets (as mine does), going to the bathroom (do that too) and then an assorted number of things. A shower, a bowl or 12 of cereal, maybe some Pop Tarts, or even a beer. Hell, it's hard to know who starts their day in what manner. But regardless, once your day starts, it's off and running. And your day may be a short one, a long one, or a day that feels like it's taken a week to get through.

When you finish whatever it is that you do to start off your day (some things can't be printed - that's always a possibility that people start their day out that way too), you finally get off and running. Whether it be to work, to the gym, to a boyfriend or girlfriend's house, someone you know and like (or someone you don't like) or dealing with whatever it is you deal with, you have to face the day. Unless you choose not to. And keep your lazy ass in bed to ignore the world around you.

But let's figure you actually get out of your house to face the day. You battle the alcoholism that you struggle with, the drug abuse you fight, or even arguing with your dog because he pooped on your floor last night and you know you're going to be gone for 12 hours and you don't want him to do it again- you're off and running.

If you go to work and do what you do, chances are you are one of many that hate your job. Chances are, you probably can't stand most of your coworkers either. And at times, just like me, you want to throat punch someone at least once if not three times. When someone says, "I'm having a shitty day" and someone else tries to tell them to "just get over it", you want to start your day by punching them in the (insert anatomy part here), watch them grunt, groan and gasp, and say, "hey, get over it" and move on while you're giggling and walking into another room.

Your day may start out in such a simple manner as dragging yourself out of the house, getting in the car and driving to the bar. We all have our crosses to bear. Yours may be something as simple as getting online on your computer because you work at home. Sitting there in your pajamas, watching something on the screen, listening to music or maybe listening to your neighbors having sex. Hell, we all have our crosses to bear.

When your day finally gets going and you get motivated to do whatever it is you have to do during that day, you may stop at a doughnut shop, Starbucks or Bigby or whatever else you do in order to keep it going. Maybe you're like me and you calculate just enough time to get up, pack a lunch, get things around and head off to work at 90 miles an hour so you're not late. Whatever the case may be, every day is a winding road.

There is no prediction as to what may happen. You may hit a squirrel on the way to work. You may have three deer jump out at you on the expressway where you'd least expect something ass crazy like that to happen, or you may have to swerve to avoid a mail truck doing 80 on the expressway, shaking all over the road and acting like a NASCAR driver drafting behind someone trying to win a race while turning left for the last six hours of their life.

Whatever the case may be, it is never predictable what you may face. You may start the day with a huge zit on your face. Right in the middle of your face, you know you can't walk around with something that ugly sticking out so you pick it and find yourself bleeding all over the place. You contemplate calling 911 because you think you're dying. But then reality hits, you stick a couple of toilet paper squares on your face, maybe a band aid, and you head off to work hoping half of society is blind and doesn't see the shit plastered to your face.

When you finally make it wherever you are heading, you get through the day. Whether at work, an AA meeting, or you have to go feed the animals at the zoo with the kids from school, somehow you miraculously make it. The day at work or wherever you are is finally over and you head home. Except you can't make it. The piece of shit car you're driving is broken down. It won't turn over. It won't do anything. All you want to do is push it in the middle of the parking lot and home it gets run over by a dump truck.

So you call an UBER. You call a cab. You call a friend. You walk the 27 miles home that you have to. Or maybe it's two blocks. But after the day you've had, you make it home. And the day is almost over. You relax. Get some dinner. Watch a movie. Do something. Hang out. And you finish your day.

Mind you, I've skipped what could have probably been two dozen other incidents that might or might not have occurred during the day. One could have been you going poop. Another one could have been a speeding ticket. Another one may have been the greatest (or worst) lunch in the world you've ever eaten. Some of the incidents may have involved gossip at work, idiot coworkers or just dealing with lame immature stupid bullshit that you and no one else should have to deal with.

But whether good, bad or ugly, just remember one thing. The most predictable thing about every day that you live is the unpredictability. And everyday...

Is a winding road.