Event Promoters in College Station, Ranked
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Event Promoters in College Station, Ranked

Who is REALLY the #1 event promoter in College Station?

Event Promoters in College Station, Ranked
Lexi Ellis

9. Ben Shrader

Ladies! If he: has a Juul, runs several of his own fan accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, is constantly wearing a suit, seemingly owns 3 iPhone X's, and posts aggressive and borderline threatening (see @emporershrader on twitter) tweets and Instagram captions about his "enemies", he's not your man. He's Ben Shrader.

8. @Amber_fromthe_block on Instagram

Though she's self-titled as only the 2nd best in Aggieland, Amber is not playing when it comes to promotions. Rumor has it this lovely Aggie has thrown parties so legendary, Shrader himself made an appearance.

7. @pumpkinking39 on Twitter

He's up and coming, but still right on the coattails of College Station's finest promoters.

6. The Rapping Professor

He has Twitter clout, but still isn't quite Shrader level famous. If only he had a Juul and a suit jacket...

5. Sorority Girls Bannering Outside of Sbisa

Bannering student organizations can't always draw a crowd as big as Shrader. Although, some sources report that one recent event that occurred on the same night as the infamous T-Pain incident was vastly more successful.


Apparently advertising some of the biggest Broadway shows and bringing them to Rudder Auditorium still isn't enough to achieve "#1 promoter" status in Aggieland.

3. All of the Yell Leaders

Filling Kyle Field with Aggies the night before a game for yells is impressive, but are they "NUMBER ONE"?

2. Jimbo Fisher

Partially responsible for filling Kyle Field each game day, significant turnouts.

1. Miss Rev

The Queen of Aggieland herself is brought to many campus events for the sole purpose of attracting a crowd, yet somehow she has yet to achieve this "#1 promotional status" set by Shrader.

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