Even So, It Is Well

I remember my life as a Christian before I really knew and understood the beauty of Heaven. I remember knowing and believing it was a place that I wanted to be, but never really took trying to get there too seriously. I followed the steps He gives to us through His word, but when it came to living for Him, I did just enough to get by. Once I started to weather a few storms of my own, my whole perception of Heaven and my relationship with Christ changed. Once I started to walk through the waters, I came to realize not only just how much I truly needed Jesus, but also, my heart began to realize just how desperately I wanted to be in Heaven. I began to realize that because of Jesus and the place He has prepared for us in Heaven, if I give my whole life and heart to Him and follow Him faithfully, it doesn't matter what life throws at me because it is well with my soul.

"When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll, whatever my lot Thou has taught me to say, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

What comforting and reassuring words from one of my favorite church hymns growing up. Sweet and gentle words that remind me that, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos, there is hope in Jesus. It reminds me that by choosing to follow, obey, and trust in Him, that through every unexpected diagnosis, sudden death, lost job, tear cried, and every storm weathered, through it all, with Him, I can say it is well.

If I have followed the steps in obeying Him and have lived faithfully for Him, once I am standing at the end of my life, everything in this life will all make sense. Why? Because it is well with my soul.

Once I'm in Heaven and I'm standing in front of my Heavenly Father, every tear, heartbreak, and storm weathered will have been worth it, for it is well. Every moment of life spent in utter chaos and complete confusion will have been worth it, for it is well. Every trial faced and every battle fought will have been worth it, for it is well. Through it all, it is well with my soul.

To me, saying "it is well with my soul" doesn't mean that I won't face grief, heartache, or difficult times, but by saying "it is well," I am choosing to believe that through all of the heartaches and storms that I may walk through, I know that He will take care of me. Sometimes in this crazy life, that's the best and only source of true comfort that we can find, to know that the fire may surround us, but will not overtake us. To know that the waters may rise, but we will not drown. To know that for a time there may be darkness, but there is always a light. To know that it is well with my soul even when it is not well with my circumstances.

Even so, it is well with my soul.

I don't know what storm you are walking through or what your circumstances are. Whether it's a life-threatening illness, grieving over a lost loved one, loss of a job, financial trouble, addiction, or something else that is making your heart a little heavy and weary, but I know this. Through every storm, He is faithful and He is good. Even when life around us isn't, He is good and as Christians, with our souls, it is well. I encourage you to believe and pound this into your heart when you're weathering storms of your own. To know and believe that no matter what you may face, even so, it is well.

Ultimately, I'm thankful for the storms I've have to weather. Through those storms, Jesus has taught me that no matter what trials may come, I can say "it is well with my soul" and for that, I am forever thankful.

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