Preparing for a long vacation? A study abroad session? A trip to visit family? Don't forget to bring some of the most important and essential items in your carry-on bag. Sometimes checked luggage is just not the way to go.

1. Essential Documents


Keep your passport, ID, and any essential travel documents such as copies of your passport, plane tickets, housing accommodations, and itinerary close to you. You may even want to keep these in your personal item instead, as it'll be easier to keep track of and access quickly.

2. Laptop And Charger


Because I'm going on this trip with a school program, it will be nice to have my laptop on the plane to work on writings, readings, and any assignments. You can also download music, podcasts, and movies from your streaming services to watch or listen to while you're on the plane.

3. Filtered Water Bottle


Although the area I'm traveling is going to have safe drinking water, it never hurts to invest in a Brita. Water quality changes across countries, regions, counties, even neighborhoods. This is just a great item to have when traveling in general. I suggest one with 30+ ounces.

4. Toiletries Essentials


In the event that your luggage happens to get lost, you'll have your toothbrush and favorite makeup products so that you don't have to splurge on them when you get to your location. We all know that these can run on the higher price side, especially for prestige brands. I specifically brought makeup wipes, kleenex wipes, my favorite makeup products in a TSA approved bag, and plenty of hair ties.

5. Change Of Clothing


This goes hand-in-hand with the makeup rule. I brought one really comfortable change of clothing (leggings and a t-shirt) and one cute outfit, as well as an extra sweatshirt. I planned on wearing my tennis shoes to the airport, but I also brought a pair of cute sandals in my carry on. This way, if your luggage is lost for a few days, you'll have multiple outfits to wear in the meantime.

And of course, there are some other essentials you can't forget:

  • converters and chargers
  • headphones
  • airport snacks
  • sunglasses/ glasses
  • prescription/ over the counter medicine