13 Essentials To Create That Certain Ambiance In Your Room
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13 Essentials To Create That Certain Ambiance In Your Room

Your room will be your safe haven before long.

13 Essentials To Create That Certain Ambiance In Your Room

Picture this. You've had a stressful week, and relaxing is the one thing you feel like you need. Coming back to your beloved room, all you ever want is to be at peace. At peace with yourself. At peace with your surroundings. At peace with your mind. At peace with your environment.

At peace.

At ease.

And stress-free.

You never quite know when these stressful, anxious, and gloomy days are going to hit you, so it's important to create a serene and blissful ambiance in your humble abode. One you look forward to coming home to each and every day. Having these thirteen things are not only obvious, but they create a homey, warm, and comforting feeling just when you need it. On days where everything is going your way, you just get to kick back and enjoy it. Take a deep breath. Your room will be your safe haven before long.

1. Blankets.

...Lots of blankets.

2. Fuzzy throw pillows.


3. A carpet or a fuzzy rug.

Keep those toezies warm!

4. A comforter.

OK, obviously everyone has a comforter on their bed, but is it one that makes you want to cuddle up in it?! If you’re like me, you have a particular need for the texture and feel of your comforter.

5. A wax melter.

Not only does the subtle light from it soothe you but so does the smell.

6. White Christmas lights.

It’s all about the lighting.

7. Bluetooth speaker.

Play some piano covers of your favorite songs.

8. A coffee.

But really, anything in a mug. Could be a tea, could be a coffee, could be a hot chocolate. Pick your poison.

9. Window curtains.

Easy to cover up the cloudy days, but perfect for letting the sun shine on beautiful days.

10. A futon or couch.

Be accepting of sharing your ambiance with visitors because believe me, your friends will love the vibe.

11. Candles.

Like the wax melter, these give off a subtle relaxing light. The burning of the flame actually gives off a small but very relaxing sound too.

12. Simplexity.

Have a design, but create it to be simple and organized. It will help soothe you on stressful days.

13. A salt lamp.

Just by having this present in your room, your health will improve and you will feel comfort.

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