I Took Pictures Of Makeup And Household Products And Then Destroyed The Photos With The Products

I Took Pictures Of Makeup And Household Products And Then Destroyed The Photos With The Products

Or as I like to call it, "Erosion Photography."


For this photo series, I was mainly inspired by Matthew Brandt and his "Lakes and Reservoirs" exhibition. Brandt took photos of bodies of water and then soaked the prints in the same water, for weeks and sometimes months, which produces colorful decayed images.

I wanted to capture the degradation of prints by altering them with items like makeup, hair care products, and kitchen cleaning supplies. With more concern for harmful chemicals like phthalates, lead, and parabens in cosmetics, more organic and natural products have been advertised in the United States.

My goal was to show the items that people put on their bodies or spray their kitchen counters with to symbolize how potentially hazardous they are. So here are 12 images that I altered to send that message!

1. Clorox

I vigorously rubbed this print with a Clorox wipe until it looked like this. 'Twas an odd occurrence but a beautiful result.

2. Shaving cream and razor

I cut up this photo with a razor and sprayed it with shaving cream and left it out for a week before taking the photo of the photo.

3. Concealers

The dust is difficult to see here but it made the prints shiny and glittery.

4. Spray paint

My kitchen smelled like spray paint for a couple hours because of this.

5. Eyeliner

This is the point in the series where I apologize for my photos looking like a fifth grade art project.

6. Nail polish

Once again, my apologies. I kept these photos in my car for a while and my car smelt like nail polish the entire time.

7. Curling irons

I think I released harmful chemicals into the air for a hot second when I burnt this photo, but whatever.

8. Face masks

This is gross, but whatever. Art, you know? It be like that sometimes.

9. Shampoos

The shampoo barely affected this print. Like, damn. I rubbed it with shampoo for a couple of minutes, which is a couple too many.

10. Hair dye

It's not a waste of hair dye if it's expired.

11. Lipstick/lip gloss

I think I got these lip glosses from a seventh grade birthday party and kept them.

12. Oxy Deep

This was literally a messy project with messy results. But I hope you got the message.

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My Top 10 Youtubers To Watch When You're Bored!

If you need something to do, check out these YouTube channels!

Youtube: the best place to go when you're laying in bed bored.

I've been watching Youtube for as long as I could remember. I would start at a Jonas Brothers video and end up watching tornado chasers. I could never tell you how I got there, but with Youtube, it's possible.

I spend a lot of time watching videos and catching up on the lives of some of my favorites. I watch make-up and hair tutorials on a daily basis and if I have some time, I'll watch a couple of Vlogs. I'll also watch videos when I need a good laugh.

So if you are bored, here are my top 10 favorite Youtubers to watch.

10. Alphie Deyes : "Pointless Blog"

Alfie is a British Youtuber. Along with his Vlogs, Alfie has a gaming channel and a main channel where he posts collabs with other Youtubers. I usually just watch his Vlogs, but I've seen a few of his other videos and they are definitely worth the watch!

Here are his three channels!




9. Zoe Sugg: "Zoella"

Zoe is also a British beauty and fashion Youtuber. She is also a Vlogger and has two channels. She is most known for her make-up tutorials. Zoe is also the author of the "Girl Online" series. 

Here are her channels!



8. Kian and JC

Both boys have main channels, but I mostly watch their collab channel. They post videos of themselves doing challenges for the most part. The other part is usually them just talking to the camera. They are hilarious and can make me laugh any day.

Here is their channel!


7. Tess Christine

I just recently started watching Tess, but her videos are mostly hair and make-up tutorials and also fashion videos. She occasionally posts travel vlogs as well.

Here is her channel!


6. Tyler Oakley

Known for his Q and "Slays," Tyler Oakley has become one of the biggest Youtube stars. He also does a lot of collabs with other Youtubers and they are always funny.

(It would not let me link his channel, but if you search "Tyler Oakley" all of his videos will come up)

5. David Dobrik

David is a Vlogger. His videos always include his friends and the weird scenarios they get into. Puns and skits are his go to thing. He got his start on Vine and now he is taking over the vlog world!

Here is his channel!


4. Shane Dawson

I don't even know how to explain Shane Dawson's videos. He is one of the most random Youtubers that I've ever watched. He was one of the first Youtubers I ever started watching. He is really big on conspiracy theories now.

Here is his channel!


3. Settle Down Kids or SDK

SDK is absolutely, hands down, my favorite group on Youtube. They post challenges and sometimes they are so random they don't even make sense. I actually had the chance to meet all of them and they were so nice which makes it so much better!

Here is their channel!


2. Any Buzzfeed Channel

If anyone tells you that they don't watch Buzzfeed, they are lying. Over the past year or so, Buzzfeed has taken over the Internet. I can sit for hours and just watch Buzzfeed. They have a couple of channels, but I'll link their main one!

Here it is!


1. Joe Santagato

I've been watching Joe for a couple of years now. He used to be like my little secret, but now almost everyone knows who he is. Joe's videos are hilarious and could definitely make anyone's day! He also has a second channel where he posts Vlog-like videos.

Here is his channel!


(It wouldn't let me link his second channel)

There are so many more Youtube channels that I could list but that would probably take forever! I hope you get a chance to check out any of these channels!


Cover Image Credit: Youtube.com

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Portraits See People Better Than We Do

It is a record of a person at a certain time in their life


When people ask me what kind of photography I want to do or what is my favorite, I always say portraits. The reason I say portraits is you get to get creative with them. Whether it is fashion photography, business portraits or portraits that show who they are. The main reason is the people.

People are unique and interesting. Taking portraits almost guarantees a different photo every time because everyone is different. Every human is unique in their own way and they all have a story. Portrait photography has the ability to tell that person's story within a couple of pictures. It is almost like the camera lens sees the person better than you do.

Photos are used to capture moments and with portraits, it can capture people. It also allows you to get to know the person. The best way to take portraits is to build the customer rapport because the picture will be better if they trust you. If people let you in they relax more in their portraits and you see more of them. Their smile is more genuine and they aren't stiff. Taking portraits also allows you to meet different people that you probably wouldn't meet if you weren't a photographer.

I love portrait photography because I love to show the uniqueness of people. Every person can be photogenic when they are comfortable. Every human is beautiful and can take beautiful photos; even when they think they aren't photogenic, they are. Their photo is going to show who they are which means it will be a beautiful photo.

When it comes to my photography I hope to increase my talent in portraits and work with different lights and other equipment but most importantly I want to meet more people and take pictures of more people. I want to push my boundaries and find different ways to take pictures and tell peoples stories through their faces.

With portraits, you can also chose to make whatever kind of pictures you want using people. You can create fantasy portraits and dark portraits. Christian Sampson created portraits that represent mental illnesses that was amazing and took portraits to a whole new level. With that kind of photography, you really need to get to know the people and I would like to do deep photography like that.

Portraits allow you to use your creativity and it allows a piece of you to show along with the person you are taking a picture of. To me, it is one of the most unique types of photography because every picture can look different, just like every person is different. Photography means a lot to me because it is a part of me but it is also a way to show pieces of other people. Everyone deserves to be noticed and portraits do that, it notices a deeper part of you than you are used to being noticed.

A portrait is a record of you at a certain time in your life which makes the photograph really special.

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