9 Ways You Can Make A Difference For The Environment Besides Recycling

9 Ways You Can Make A Difference For The Environment Besides Recycling

Earth Day may be once a year but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make a difference every day.

Want to do more for the environment?

Don't know what to do besides recycling?

Have other ideas but not sure if they are good?

Earth Day may be once a year but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make a difference every day. if you're like me and feel it is in our best interest to keep the environment healthy. Then here are 9 tips to help you get started.

1. Carpool, walk or bike

Whether its running errands with a friend, riding to school or traveling to the same place with a large group. Carpooling is a great way to reduce the impact of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), which is responsible for much of the change in the climate.

If the distance is short enough, walking and biking are great alternatives and can even get you some exercise.

2. Start a compost heap to reduce the waste you send to landfill sites

This not only reduces the amount you throw away but gives you something to put extra nutrients in your garden or grass. Coffee grounds and eggshells are also an ideal for composting.

Want to create your own compost bin? here's how.

3. Choose energy-efficient appliances when you replace old ones

Believe it or not, replacing your old incandescent light bulbs with new energy-saving LED lights not only cuts back on how much energy you use but the amount of light pollution that is emitted.

Washer and dryers can be the same, replace an old one with one that is more energy efficient.

4. Insulate your home

By doing this, you are keeping your air conditioner or heater from working harder to cool and heat your home, therefore saving money and energy that can be used for something else.

5. Stop the use of disposable bags

Grocery stores are notorious for this. Instead of using 50 plastic bags that are provided by the grocery store that you're just going to throw away after, bring your own reusable bags.

Some grocery stores also have where you can bring back and recycle plastic bags you have used and you can get five cents back.

6. Fix leaky faucets

A drip may not look like much but if its a continuing drip over time it becomes much more than a little drop of water.

7. Repurpose glass jars as leftover containers and bulk storage, especially in the kitchen

My family does this all the time! It is a great way to use a jar more than once.

8. Turn off lights when you leave or aren't using a room

This ensures that you aren't using more energy than you need.

9. Buy rechargeable batteries

One reason, of course, is the cost. While rechargeable batteries may cost more initially, over time that cost will diminish. Another reason is the way batteries are made and the already limited sources to make them.

And these things are by no means the only things you can do. Here's a list provided by the EPA of more ways to help the environment.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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13 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

Look for the Leaping Bunny!


When was the last time you thought about what you are putting on your face?

Recently I have been thinking more about the everyday products I use. What's in them? How are they made?

As an animal lover and pet owner, I decided to do some digging on my own about whether or not the companies and brands of my favorite products use animal testing. Although we have made more progress in animal rights, animal testing of products is still an issue in 2019. While some do their own animal testing, many of these companies and brands perform animal testing to sell their products in countries like China that require animal testing.

Since the list of companies and brands that do pay for animal testing in China is long, I wanted to share some of the major brands and companies who don't test on animals and so are cruelty-free:

1. ​LUSH

LUSH is known for their 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free products. They even have systems in place to ensure the ethics of their suppliers and offer the LUSH Prize, which is awarded annually to someone in the alternative testing sector for their efforts to end the need for animal testing.

2. e.l.f.

Like LUSH, e.l.f. is also vegan, cruelty-free, and committed. They have even donated proceeds in the past to animal charities.

3. Too Faced

Too Faced is not two-faced with their very transparent policies on being cruelty-free and what products are and are not vegan.

4. Urban Decay

Urban Decay's morals are definitely not decaying with their transparent policies regarding ending animal testing, what products are vegan, and their initiative to empower women called Ultraviolet Edge.

5. Tarte

Tarte is cruelty free and and are very transparent also with their ingredients list and whether their products are vegan. Plus many of their lines are remind us of nature like Rainforest of the Sea!

6. bareMinerals

bareMinerals bares all about how they do not test on animals or work with any manufacturers who do. Their brushes do use animal hair from goats and ponies, by they make note that no animals are harmed in the making of the brushes and also offer synthetic hair brushes too. They also are clean beauty brand keeping their products free of parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals.

7. Beautyblender

Even after launching their Bounce foundation, Beautyblender is still cruelty-free and will remain so by not selling their foundations in China. Their blending sponges will continue to be available in China because they don't require animal testing for beauty tools and brush cleaners.

8. Burt's Bees

Although they sell in China, Burt's Bees has remained cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified by selling their products via direct-to-consumer ecommerce, which is exempt from Chinese animal testing regulations. Their products are all natural, but since the main ingredient is beeswax they are not vegan.

 13. CoverGirl

Despite being criticized in the past, CoverGirl is now cruelty-free! Covergirl is now the largest makeup brand to receive the Leaping Bunny certification and is no longer sold in China.

These brands and companies that have stuck to their morals over the years and not expanded their market into China should especially be supported. By purchasing these products it also shows a demand for cruelty-free products. It IS possible for companies to not use animal testing to perfect their product or be able to sell their product. These are just a few names that show animal testing and selling in China is not necessary to be successful.

This list is not all of the cruelty-free brands out there, so I encourage you to do your own research too. I suggest checking out PETA's lists of companies that do and do not test on animals. Don't be fooled by labels claiming that a product wasn't tested on animals, since the FDA doesn't regulate 'cruelty-free' and 'not tested on animals' packaging labels. Instead look for the Leaping Bunny, who certifies companies as cruelty-free.

I know I just want to do my small part in making the world a kinder place, and I hope you will do what you can too.

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