What God Says About Me

You Are Enough For God And That Is All That Matters

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14

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I listen to what the world has to say about me way more than I should. The things about this broken world is that it is constantly telling us what we aren't. We aren't pretty enough, or skinny enough, or even that we don't have enough to offer to the world.

After almost being in a really bad car accident I realized that God has me on this earth for a reason. My life could have easily been taken but instead, God decided to keep it. This entire time I look at myself thinking I'm not good enough for this world. But now I see that I don't need to please the world, but God instead.

This turning point came to me when I would look at myself and think that wasn't good enough for the guy who had just dumped me or because I didn't get enough likes on my Instagram picture so I deleted it. I realized that I would never meet the world's standards of being pretty enough, skinny enough, or even rich enough.

It sounds brutal, I know, but this is actually how the world is. I finally accepted all of these things when I realized that I'm not here to please people, but to please the creator of all life. I believe that's what matters most. God did not create me to be like anyone else. He created me to be unique and that I am the only me on this entire earth. For a second I stepped back and started to realize my worth. I am God's daughter and I was handcrafted in my mother's womb.

After I recognized the lies that our society promotes and finally resting in the following truth that He has spoken to me brought me peace and security that I have never experienced before. During my first semester of college, I read a letter from God to me called Gods love letter.

"Dear Daughter,

I know your thoughts. When you stand in front of the mirror and complain that your hair isn't "too thin", your thighs are "so big", and your nose is "weirdly shaped". I know your thoughts about your stomach and the pimples that seem to worsen when it is your time of the month. I hear you say you want a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk random people on social media who look the way you wished you looked. I hear you compare yourself to other girls. I even heard you cry the night that guy broke your heart and you thought it was because you were not pretty enough.

I hear it all. And, my child, it breaks my heart. I know you think that you are not pretty enough for the world. But I did not create you for this world. I created you for something greater than getting 300 likes on your Instagram photo. I created you for something far more important than having an attractive guy dm you a fire emoji. I created you to be in a relationship with Me, your heavenly Father. I created you to find joy in your purpose and not how you look on a Friday night.

When I designed you, I handcrafted you in the image of Me. No other creation was designed that way. You were knit together perfectly int he womb. You are my favorite creation, yet you still look in the mirror and cry. You complain about your lack of beauty and how you want to be someone else. Yet you are My most beautiful creation, My greatest masterpiece. I designed you. Even that piece of hair that lays flat against your face that seems to never want to straighten. Those freckles on your face that you try to cover? I created those too. I created every inch of you not to gawked at my guys, but to reflect My image so the world can see.

You have been told that you are ugly. You have heard comments insecure girls have made about your physical appearance. A guy even dumped you and you were just so sure that it was because you had gained a few pounds. But my child, they were all so wrong. The world is wrong. The world will tell you that you aren't good enough.

But I say that you are altogether beautiful. The world tells you that you look better when you hide your face with makeup. But I say that I created you in my image. The world tells you that life is better when you look like a model. But is say you find joy in life when you walk with me.

The truth is, you are beautiful and created the way that you are for a reason. You are My greatest artwork. You are My child. Every inch of you is beautiful and your ability to walk with me is your greatest gift. Know the worth I have given you. Know that you may never be pretty enough for the world's standards, but you are more than pretty enough for me. Your purpose is your greatest accessory...

Cling to me and I will give you joy. Your physical beauty is only temporary and your body is not eternal. Everything around you is temporary. Besides me. Start doing life with me more and stop focusing on ways to quickly lose weight. Instead, open your bible and pray to Me. Hangout with me. Your beauty will not be with you forever, but I will.

You are mine,


We may not feel beautiful. But he, who hung the stars and painted the seas made you in His own image. And to me, that is beautiful.

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