As a full time college student and having a full time job, life can be hectic and never spare you a free moment. I feel that this semester has taught me to always have an open mind, never get wound up in the college bubble or life that you're living, and always think in the big picture. As a person who loves culture and experiencing new things as a form of learning, I have come to be open to saying yes more and living experiences that are not in my culture or part of my everyday routine.

I am talking about more than just trying new foods and listening to music of another language. Traveling to a different country is a great way to leave your comfort zone and culture. As mentioned, I am a full time student and employee, however, I do not always have time to travel to another country... I mean who does, right? Instead, I have learned to make it a priority to incorporate aspects of cultures other than my own into my regularities in life. I feel like I am at the perfect point in my life to do so… my 20's should be the point in my life where I experience new things prior to settling down in my life.

I often plan events for my family's restaurant and most recently, I worked together with my co-worker to plan a Holi Hai Festival. Originally an Indian Cultural Festival, we welcomed people of all ethnicities practicing all cultures to experience this festival with us. This event was filled with color to represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. All who attended were covered in colorful powders to represent the celebration. Loud music and happiness being spread all around, we were celebrating the victory of good over evil. This festival of colors is something that I hope to experience again.

Planning and/or attending a celebration for a culture other than your own is a great way to experience alternate practices that can greatly contribute to your experiences, persona and viewpoint on life.

Now that finals are here and summer is just around the bend, plan to do something outside of your comfort zone this summer. Travel, experience an alternate culture and move forward in making yourself a cultured individual because you may even learn something about yourself that you did not know before. Have fun and live life!