Enjoy Every Step Of The Way
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Enjoy Every Step Of The Way

With every day we're adding something incredible to our life's story.

Enjoy Every Step Of The Way
Katie Pyle

Life is full of beginnings and it's full of ends. It's also filled with consistent things. Sometimes it's things we don't look at in the same way or as often because they're always there. What's important to remember is that everything came from a beginning. Every good, bad, wonderful and everything in between, comes from some sort of a beginning at one point in time. The older we get, the more beginnings we recognize and truly appreciate.

There are times when we find a good thing and want to run full speed ahead because we found something that works for us. When we find something, or even more so someone, we can find ourselves rushing ahead. We want to know more about them while wanting them to know more about us. What we sometimes forget is the fun that every phase of getting to know someone has to offer. Of course we want to become close and know one another well as soon as possible but don't forget to enjoy every 'first' along the journey.

Enjoy the first time you have to meet someone's family, the first holiday spent together, the first adventure, the first everything. Although we sometimes want to go forward and be comfortable with everyone in every situation a relationship may bring us to, we'll never have these firsts again that give us the memories. There's a first time for everything and with every 'first time' we become closer to one another, constantly learning and experiencing more.

Over time firsts becomes seconds and seconds become thirds and so on. Time begins to fly but our memories with someone will always be there. We need to realize the importance of making the most of every phase, every step of the way because without even noticing we begin to look back and think of all of these times the closer we get to someone.

Don't rush things but don't forget to continue to advance, moving forward all of the time. Relationships are built over time, when we're not even trying to skip ahead, rather simply enjoying someone's company and their presence as you adventure through life together. So, like always, enjoy the new endeavors, enjoy the journey and enjoy every step of the way. With every day we're adding something incredible to our life's story.

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